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Chibi Me!

Okay, I had something all planned out to write about.  And it was actually something I’m pretty excited about (the Breaking the Silence conference – I chaired a board meeting for it tonight)…  but then I got home, put the kid to bed, and checked my email.  Now?  Now I have no choice but to share CHIBI ME!!!

A little while ago I commissioned a really amazing artist I found at Deviant Art (it’s becoming habit).  Scotty – http://scotty6000.deviantart.com/ – does some amazing comic work, and also creates these uber adorable chibi figures.  And seriously, at her prices there was no way I could NOT commission one.

I shared my idea (me and two of my dogs: Thora and Alice) and shared a bunch of photos.  She then came back to me with two rough drafts expecting me to be able to pick one of them.  Well jeepers.  That was not happening.  I loved them both.  So… well…  I ended up commissioning them both.  LOL  It totally wasn’t my fault though.  Honest.  I mean there really just was no way I could pick between them, they were both awesome.

And that brings me to tonight.

Sitting in my inbox was a message from Scotty.  My pieces were finished.  Yay!

Chibi Me!

Me, Thora, and Alice as Chibis

Thora, Roo and I...  chibified

Both images are clickable if you’d like to see larger versions.  Way too cute though, right???  LOL

Thank you Scotty!!!  I absolutely adore them!  😀

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