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Dear Photograph…

Looking for something to inspire me.

I find, I sometimes, need a bit of a kick-start.

Sometimes I just keep hitting “stumble” until I find something that makes my soul say WOW!

One day, I hope people will find my “Power of SHe” project and find that it offers them the same fuel that these people offered me.

I’m feeling quirky and a little off…  I had a few things I thought about blogging today, but none of them fit just right.  So I went off a stumbling in search of a little inspiration.  Sometimes it works, sometimes I just get ticked off by the lack of anything valuable out there, the lack of vision.  Today though?  Today it worked.  Today I found “Dear Photograph“.

The idea is to take a photo of a photo in the place it was originally taken, and write a little note to the photo… sharing in a few sentences why it is of value.  I may just have to go through the albums of old photos sitting on my mother’s shelf and see what I can come up with.  🙂

Here’s a tiny taste of what you’ll find there:

dear photograph

Dear Photograph,
My grandpa doesn’t recognize me anymore, but he still smiles every time I show him this picture. I hope that deep inside he remembers how much I loved hanging out with him..

Love, Laura

So head on over to Dear Photograph, it’s url is easy enough to remember:  http://dearphotograph.com/
One day, maybe I’ll have my own entry there:  “Dear Photograph…  what can you tell us about the passage of time and the failings of memory?”
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