Curious about Lonesome George?

Kid-kid and I were reading a book about the most endangered animals in the entire world.  We read about several species where there are fewer than ten of them left…  but Lonesome George (at the time of publication listed as the only one of his species left, though my research indicates there may be one other male at a zoo in Prague called Tony) piqued her interest the most.  The idea that there could be an animal who would be the LAST of his species kindled her curiosity.  I promised I’d see what I could find out about him for her.  Which is what led to this blog post.

The last information I can find about George comes direct from the Galapagos Conservatory website: – but it’s dated almost a year ago, January 21st 2011.  The big news was that they’d be pairing George up with a couple new females who they think may turn out to be a better genetic match for possible reproduction purposes.  Here’s hoping!

But still, for a giant tortoise who is so loved all over the world, to just drop off the radar seems a little odd.  Does anyone have any information from the last year?  Any idea how things are going for George and his new girls?  Any further information on Tony and whether or not his genetic testing confirmed his species?

I was hoping to have something new and interesting to bring to Lily-Ann.  After all, a little girl asking questions about an animal that is one or two individuals away from extinction can only lead to good things.  I certainly hope to propel her interest forward, but it appears I may need some help digging up some new information on our old friend.

photo of Lonesome George by A. Davey.

photograph of Lonesome George by A. Davey


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