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The Mermaid and the Seapony

So, my most recent addiction has got to be Deviant Art.  I’ve posted about it, and some of the awesome pieces I’ve had commissioned by artists I’ve found there.  Well, the most recent was one I had done up for the kid.

I know when I was a little girl, playing in the bathtub with my sea wees and sea ponies (both of which the kid now plays with), I always pretended I was a mermaid too.  And Lily-Ann does the very same thing – though, thanks to the deep soaker tub most of the water stays IN the bathtub.  😉  So, I couldn’t think of a better thing than to have someone recreate my little girl as a mermaid.  Which is exactly what I did.

lily-ann as a mermaid, by time kitty of deviant art


When she saw it for the first time, Lily-Ann exclaimed:  “It’s ME!!!!  And I’m a MERMAID!!!!!  WOW!!!!!”  She paused for a long while admiring the image before she continued “I have to go get Daddy, he just HAS to see this.”  And off she ran (returning promptly with Damon in tow).

So, a big thank you to Kate!  I’d say this piece had the desired reaction.  🙂

Shoo be doop.  Shoo shoo be doo.  (only tried and true pony fans will get that reference)

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