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Another Wonderful Sunday

Just like last week, I’m left body weary and brain tired after a fabulous Sunday.

Winter Shines is still on, so we headed down to the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market to let the kid go for another pony ride, and to check out the ice castle.  We also listened to my sister’s band, the Sea Hags… but only for a few minutes.  The girl was too excited to just sit and listen to music she can hear almost any time she likes.  After playing on the ice rink – which is mostly melted after the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having – we headed back into the Farmer’s Market and each picked out a treat again.

Today I stumbled onto the most amazing strawberries and cream shortcake.  My goodness!!!  It was sooo good, sooo rich.  And that flakey pastry top?  Oh my goodness!!!!  It alone was worth the trip to Winter Shines and the Farmer’s Market.  If you haven’t tried this one before, I recommend you get your butt down there and give it a go.  It’s just under $5 for an “individual” sized portion (which was more than I could finish, even if I’d have liked to).  Just head to the South East corner of the building and you’ll find the cafe vendor who makes them.  SOOOO good.

After Winter Shines we headed back to the car – my sister Jewles, the kid, the husband, and I – where our hot chocolates and apple ciders sat in our travel mugs waiting for us.  Just like last week Damon and I did them all up right before leaving so they’d be just the right temperature by the time we were done at the Farmer’s Market.

This week, instead of heading out sledding, we went to the Forestry Farm Zoo.  With temperatures like this, it’s the perfect time to see the animals in action.  In the heat of Summer they’re all lazing about, too hot to do much of anything…  but hovering around zero degrees?  Pretty much everyone is wandering around or playing.  We even caught a glimpse of the two baby lions born a few months ago now.  It was a rare treat!

After we took my youngest sister home, we headed on out to the grocery store where we picked up some BBQ supplies.  And for the first time in a couple months, we fired up the Q.  While I prepped the buns, and the kid played on her swing set (her birthday present last year), Damon cooked the patties.

And to top it all off?  The girl and I started the latest book in the Goddess Girls series, Artemis the Loyal.  Definitely a good start so far (challenging the notion that only the boys can compete in the Olympic Games).  Then, the kid drifted off to dream land – before we’d even finished the first chapter.  Truly the perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Next Sunday is the last day of the Winter Shines festival… think we can make it three amazing Sundays in a row?  I sure intend to try.

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