Another handling class, and a fabulous compliment.

Just a real quick post tonight.  🙂  I’m tired, but it’s a good tired.  A satisfied tired.

The puppies and I were out at handling class again this evening.  These guys are fabulous and are going to be such wonderful little show dogs.  And we received the most wonderful compliment too.

Big dog people don’t always appreciate these tiny dogs.  They’ve got a bad reputation, and get a bad rap.  I’ve shown big dogs, small dogs, toy dogs, giant dogs, and all those in between.  Chihuahuas, typically, have been the most challenging of them all.  But gawd help me, I adore them.  Big dogs are a lot easier to show, and big dog people don’t often understand how much harder you have to work when you’re in the ring with something so tiny.  So, when a big dog person makes sure to pull you aside to tell you how impressed they are with your dog…  how they can’t believe the way your dog just “floats around the ring”…  well…  it feels darn good.  And it’s true.  Little Alice is an amazing mover!  And her self stack is just getting stronger and stronger.

I’ve been involved in Chihuahuas for the last decade…  this is my first litter.  And it was SOOO worth the wait!

About Tobi-Dawne

Tobi-Dawne Smith is many things to many people... photographer, canine behaviour expert, equal rights activist, green politician, lactivist, intactivist, writer, crafter, dog handler, third wave feminist, etc. But most important in her life is her role as mother to an amazing five year old. Learn more about TD at follow her blog at get to know her daughter at or check out her work at

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