My Online Portfolio: how would you like to browse my galleries?

I’ve begun the long process of updating my online portfolio.  Today I’ve already put in six hours – and I’m not quite half way through pulling images from the last years worth of shoots.  I shouldn’t have let it get so far behind, but what can I say?  I love shooting, I love editing…  but pulling photos for my portfolio?  Not my idea of enjoyable.  So I let it slide.  Which is why it’s now such a large undertaking.

I’ll admit it, when I first set up my photography website I didn’t go all out when putting together the portfolio pages.  Which is part of why I’m now in the conundrum I’m in.  Do I keep them as is?  Or is it time for a major revamp?  I’m seriously looking for thoughts here.

When you browse through my portfolio in the future, how would you like to see things arranged?  Do I keep things as they are (weddings, people, animals, and things)?  Would you like to see things sorted by the type of shoot each image represents (couples, individuals, families, animals, weddings, events, and other)?  Or is there some other way you’d prefer to browse?  How would it be easiest for you?

Please take a minute to let me know your thoughts – even in just a couple of words.  My online portfolio is there for YOU, so I want to ensure it’s set up in such a way that you find it as easy as possible to use.  And thanks in advance.  I really do appreciate your willingness to share.

About Tobi-Dawne

Tobi-Dawne Smith is many things to many people... photographer, canine behaviour expert, equal rights activist, green politician, lactivist, intactivist, writer, crafter, dog handler, third wave feminist, etc. But most important in her life is her role as mother to an amazing five year old. Learn more about TD at follow her blog at get to know her daughter at or check out her work at

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  1. I know that when I’m looking for something specific, I want only those results. So if I’m looking for a wedding photographer, I’m going to look at the wedding pictures. Engagement photographer, the same. I suggest going by type of event, but also have in family and pet portraits (if you do them.) You might get away with putting baby photography in with baptismal photography, though some people do get baptised late in life…. Just a thought! Hope I’ve helped!

  2. I prefer portfolios that have everything separated as well!

  3. Yeah have them separated if you have a lot in each category. But don’t do something like “dogs” if you only have two, that’ll be over killed.

    But change the word “Things” into something else. things doesn’t sound the best.

    • Well… If I separate images according to my photo shoots, dogs are generally considered like any other subject. A couple, a mother and daughter, or a person and their dog – all would be categorized as a “sweethearts session”.

      So I’m thinking, if I’m reading you correctly, that rather than organizing photographs based on my sessions, that you’d like to see them broken down more by subject. How would this work for you: Couples, Families (and would you like to see families of two mixed in with the families of ten or more), Individuals (and would you like to see this broken down further into portraits and boudoir), Animals (and would you like to see this broken down into pets and their people, and animals alone), Weddings, Other Events, and Things. Generally “things” is my miss mash of images that I don’t have enough of to place in their own spot. it includes landscapes, flowers, still life work, architecture, etc. Maybe calling it Milieu would give the same effect but not be as blah?

      • Well weddings and events can be separate, but no need to break down into couples portraits and individual portraits, they can just be portraits. Whatever feel it should be a “selling point”, give it its own folder I guess. Well, for “things”, we can do Milieu, or even “others”

  4. I would keep boudoir separate. Only because I know many photographers who’ve had issues with upset clients who’ve stumbled upon boudoir images (although usually gorgeous and tasteful IMHO) were expecting to see PG images, KWIM?

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