Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

Mommy’s Got a New Toy!

Guess who is figuring out her way around her new iPhone?  That’s right!  It’s me.  😀

I have to admit, it was hard saying good bye to BlackBerry Messenger.  Instant messaging just doesn’t better better than that.  It really is the epitome of modern communication.  BBM, you shall be missed.

What I got in trade off though is sooo worth it!

I LOVE that all my devices are now synced up.  My computer, my iPad, my phone…  iCal can go everywhere with me now.  Having my calendar handy no matter where I am is going to be fabulous.

I also love that I will actually be able to take scrapbook page worthy photographs with my phone.  Seriously, the Pearl was terrible for photos – and to think I spent a year doing project 365, and shared sooo many BB photos (they were all soooo bad).  LOL  Expect to see snapshots more often now that I can take decent ones.  Yippee!  🙂

So yeah!  I’m gonna log off of wordpress and go play with my new toy.  It’s one I’ve been excitedly waiting for for some time now.  I love flowers, and I love chocolate, but the way to THIS grrrlz heart is through gadgets!

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