Daily Archives: April 6, 2012

A quick reminder…

Just popping in to share a quick reminder to everyone who is new and who is popping by because of the A to Z challenge.  Although the challenge takes Sunday as it’s one day a week away from posting, here at TD365 I take Friday off.  So while everyone else out there is now posting “F”, I’ll be back tomorrow to share my post.

…and honestly?  Even if Friday wasn’t my usual day away from blogging, I wouldn’t be posting a challenge post today anyway.  I had a dentists visit to deal with some serious pain – and it resulted in an extraction.  I have one less wisdom tooth tonight than I had this morning.  So, this week, both Deedee (the Chihuahua puppy) and I went in for extractions.  😉

Have a “Good Friday” – get it?  ‘Cause it’s good Friday?  Yeah, I crack me up too.  😛

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