Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

Our little bathroom

We’ve lived here in our little house for nine and a half years now. I’ll be honest, we never intended to stay for more than about two or three. LOL. Life being what it is though, we just kept feeling more and more like this was where we needed to be.

One of the first things we did when we moved in was to rip apart the bathroom. Seriously, the one that was here was downright scary. LOL. No way was I even going to pee in that room, forget taking a bath… and there was no shower. We added a new soaker tub, built in a surround, added a wall to enclose the plumbing for a shower, put down new flooring, built a vanity, painted and sewed… and just like that. One crazy busy long weekend later? We had a bathroom we could actually use.

Today I built a second vanity (yes, I built the first one myself too) for the girl. Hers, unlike my built-in one, was modified from a towel rack kit. But I have to say, I think it’s going to do the job quite nicely.

Now all the bathroom needs is another new floor and hopefully it will get us through the next several years. 🙂

Want some visuals? Here’s the bathroom:






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