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Mephitic Citation? I Blame Exhaustion.

I have to admit, as I slip further and further into exhaustion, I become less and less comprehendable (yes, yet another made up word – you’re welcome).  In fact, my writing can become damn near incomprehensible at a certain point.  Have you stumbled over one of my late night facebook comments?  My word!  The editor in me honestly weeps.

Here’s a recent excerpt:

I constantly praise the kid for being as smart, creative, and totally fantastic – so no way will she be one of those girls who figure their only as good as their looks. 🙂 So while she may end up valley (but knock on wood, not) she certainly won’t be bobbleheaded. LOL

And my most sincere apologies Jude, for barfing that gem as a comment on your photo last night.  Seriously.

The editor in me realized the whole post should have been scrapped only moments after sharing, but it was already there.  And the real rub?  Along with my incomprehensible ramblings, I also become too lazy to really care.  It would be one thing if my writing skills suffered, but I still cared enough to edit myself to the point of acceptability – but no.  So it is that I am likely to continue spewing these types of mad musings all over FB, all over friends and family, whenever falling beyond the twinge into raging exhaution.

And seriously?  Now that I’m actually awake and looking over that post?  Ugh.  It just makes me shudder.  There is SOOOO much wrong with it.  I can’t believe that left my fingers.  Oh good grief.

So while I know I’m pretty freakin’ awesome, I believe my willingness to share that mephitic citation, is proof enough that I’m also completely willing to laugh at myself – as we ALL should be.  😉

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