Daily Archives: August 20, 2012

Make a Wish (and maybe get something for nothing)

Waiting for my in my inbox (one of my many inboxes that is) when I logged on tonight was a message from Wish…  Now, how many of you have heard of Wish?  Raise your hands.  That many?  Wow.  Okay, now how many of you actually know what it is?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  😉

Wish is a place where you can wish for all the products you love but can’t buy (for whatever reason).  Maybe it’s your birthday wish list, maybe it’s all the things you’d buy if you won the lottery, maybe it’s the cool stuff you’re waiting on until you get your next pay cheque.  However you use it, it’s pretty cool.  Especially when they give you something, basically for nothing.  LOL

Today?  That message in my inbox?  It was an offer of $10 off something in my wishlist.  Ten bucks off a seventeen dollar item…  and all I did was have it in my wishlist.  That’s it.  Now to convince Damon that we need to buy the girl some pony ears for Yule!  😀

ten dollars off or a five dollar voucher for amazon.com

So come find me on Wish – and make a few wishes yourself.  I think this link will take you to my profile (and yeah, kid-kid has wished for a few things there herself).  LOL  http://www.wishwall.me/profile?uid=4efbf58bae85c067fc033710  If that doesn’t work?  Just hop on over to http://www.wishwall.me/, you probably won’t find me, but you’ll find lots of cool stuff.

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