About TD

Tobi-Dawne is a mom first, but also a canine professional, an environmentalist, a third-wave feminist, an activist, and a politician.  Each brings a multitude of labels with it…

As a canine professional she believes we can learn a lot from our four-legged friends.  Never judging, always eager to be in our company…  her work with dogs ranges from that of behavior specialist to handler to writer to photographer to kindness trainer.  This represents her lifes work – right up till the year she became a mom.  And while it still fills her with joy, her life has taken a dramatic turn and includes SO much more now.

As an environmentalist she believes in taking responsibility.  She believes we all have a part to play.  She believes every small step is worth taking.  She believes that one person CAN make a difference.

As a third-wave feminist she is proud of the strong women who came before her and paved the way.  She believes no woman should have to go without.  She believes we must all stand together and support women-made choices, regardless of what those choices may be.  We all have the right to be, and to be without fear.

As an activist she thrills in the idea that together we can make change happen.  She believes we can make those in power listen as long as we stand in solidarity.  United we can do amazing things.  We MUST do amazing things.

As a politician she believes in uniting all these areas of her life.  Passion, dedication, commitment.  A willingness to listen and to learn.  She’s a person who believes in standing up for what is right.

As a mom, she believes in Attachment Parenting.  She’s a proud baby-wearer and co-sleeper.  Her daughter constantly inspires her, and pushes her onward.

The Smith Family:  Damon, Tobi-Dawne, and Lily-Ann

f a m i l y

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