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Passport Applications

I never would have thought that paperwork could be so exhausting…  but after filling out passport applications for four people?  I never want to look at another piece of paperwork for a long, long while.

I don’t think it would have been such a pain, but the electronic versions weren’t working properly.  I was able to begin the paperwork on the computer, but then had to print them out and finish them all by hand.  I was able to do about 1/2 a page on each, which left another two and a half pages on three applications and another page and a half on a forth that needed to be filled using a pen and ink.  I swear, by the end my writing became almost illegible.  Hopefully we’ll have a really good clerk who has no trouble with it.

We’re heading to the passport office tomorrow, after seeing a dear friend who’ll be signing all four applications as our guarantor.  Which is a relief.  There’s about 1/2 a page one each one she’ll need to fill out and sign, but it’s definitely easier to have one person to track down vs two or three different people.

It’s been years since we left the country.  There was a while that Jewles (my younger sister) and I took a road trip to the US for dog shows every year…  but that was before passports were required.  The Canadian US border used to be a pretty friendly place.  But since 9/11 things changed a lot.  There’s a suspicion of people that wasn’t there before, which is a sad, sad thing.

Cross your fingers for us that everything goes well and that nothing needs further work.  I really want this to go quickly and smoothly.  I’m going to stress about it until we have our passports in hand.

The Legacy of 9/11 is Love.

Today is a day for contemplation, and for many it is filled with a deep sense of loss.  Rightly so.  And not just for the losses that occurred 11 years ago in the U.S. but for the losses 39 years ago in Chile.

Today I chose to focus on all the blessings we have.  The love of family.  The gift that is Lily-Ann.  Our wonderful animal family members.  The home we have had for nine years now.  My husband, and all that he does for us.  The fact that I am able to make my way through life as a photographer and advocate.  That we live somewhere that anyone I love is free to love whom they love without persecution.  The many friends, though some are far away, who care so deeply for us.  Our many communities that we are a part of, both irl and online.  And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Things may not be perfect but we are so very, very blessed.  No… we must not forget the travesties this world has faced, and not just on 9/11, as they have shaped our lives in so many ways.  However, to dwell on all the horrible things man has done does nothing to honor all the good that has also been done.  And I will always choose to focus on the love, the honor, the heroism, the bravery, and the many incredible things our species has done.  I do so with hope, because I refuse to despair for our future while lamenting the past.  I believe in our children, and I believe they will lead us to a life filled with love and promise.

Today is a day for contemplation.  So I have, and will continue to think on our world and the world our children will find themselves in.  But I will do so with hope.  If nothing else, days like today, have taught us love.

We’re Building a Loft Bed!

Wow!  A tough job in such a small home, but we’re doing it.  And we’re actually more than half way there.  This kind of construction is relatively simple, the biggest problem we’ve encountered is simply trying to maneuver such huge pieces of wood in such a tiny space…  to give you some perspective…  the bed will be 8’8″ long when completed (including the frame) and the space it is in is only 10′ wide.  So, it’s been a little tough.  LMAO  The space being so tiny is also what has made the loft necessary.  It really should make a world of difference for this family of three + four + one + one + one (all the pluses are for our animal family members).

Anyway, here’s what it looks like after day one of construction:

Loft Bed Progress

Our hearts will never heal.  On this, the anniversary of the attack against our friends and neighbours, we remember all those who’s lives were ended, and who’s lives continue to be affected by the loss of those closest to them.   Never forget.


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