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Leave of Absence from the Green Party

Tomorrow I will officially announce my one month leave of absence from the Green Party of Saskatchewan.  I am not leaving the party, so no worries there what-so-ever.  Now that the busyness of election time has begun to calm, I know that I can take some time for myself and my family.  It is something I’ve needed to do for a little while now, but would never leave the party without a capable captain at the helm.

My second is Vicki Strelioff.  She was voted into the roll of Vice President at the Party’s AGM this past Spring.  And quite honestly, it’s the first time in my years with the party that I’ve had a capable second… someone whom I felt I could trust to handle my duties and lead the party in my absence.  I’ll admit, having Vicki around has considerably lessened the stress involved with my role.  I will still be around during this month off, and will help Vicki wherever and whenever she needs me… but I think she’ll do just fine.  😉

This last year I have found a shift in my priorities.  A shift in my focus.  And I need to take some time away from my political work to really examine my role within the party.  I need to ensure I’m serving the Greens in the best possible way without sacrificing my many other responsibilities.  And I need to do so without the daily pressures associated with running the party.

So…  a leave of absence.  I have to admit, it will probably feel a little odd not to have my duties and responsibilities constantly on my mind.  But I think it will be a good thing.  We all need a little time to recharge, and I’d say it’s high time I took that time for myself.

It’s not the plague! (chicken pox and electoral reform)

Okay…  so the girlie is almost over the chicken pox.  She still has spots, but they are healing.  She doesn’t have the virus any longer.  She’s not sick.  She just has some spots that still need to heal.  I’m still keeping her home from pre-k, there’s only one day left until Easter break anyway.  BUT she’s got some serious cabin fever, and so do I.  So we went out.  Not far, and not really in public anywhere.

We went to see my Mom.  She’s heading out of town tomorrow, and will be gone all weekend.  She and Lily-Ann are really close, and they haven’t seen one another since Saturday.  Figured we better head over for a visit before she leaves town.  🙂  Because if we didn’t, that would just be too long to keep them apart.

Afterwards we were outside at our place.  The girlie was still needing to blow off a little steam, so was running up and down the sidewalk.  One of the moms who was also outside looked at her like Lily had the plague.  I mentioned, casually, that she doesn’t have the virus any more… just has spots left that still need to clear up.  Just the same, she looked awfully relieved when we were a few houses away.  LOL  Oh well.

I also had a nice chance to chat with Mark (or Marc, not sure on the spelling) our neighbour.  With me being on lock down with the girl I haven’t seen him in a little while.  The two of us usually have great conversations.  Him having been formerly involved in a life political, and me being involved in the same.  We both agreed that the current national election has us shaking our heads.  While we may pull for different teams, he and I generally see eye to eye on the giant deficits our country and province face in terms of the broken electoral system.  Without reform there’s really not much point.  But we’ll both continue encouraging people to get out and vote.  Because if we don’t participate, what is already broken becomes devastatingly so.

El Politico Mommy Train

My blog tends to be a weird mash-up of topics.  I’ve taken to rambling on just about anything that gets stuck in my head.  All I can think is that it’s a consequence of being on board the mommy train.  And further to that, is that no matter what I may end up bashing out of my keyboard, I always come back to that which is most important of all:  Lily-Ann.

Regardless of what turns my life takes, or what I happen to be feeling at the moment, who I am is clarified the instant I look at my daughter.  She drives me, gives me purpose, keeps me focused, and reminds me of why I keep going.  Why we slog on through this maddening rain.

If not I?  than who?

Who better than I?

We cannot assume that if we leave things undone that someone else will pick up our torch and run with it.  If something matters, if it has value, you must see it through.

I don’t like politics.  I really don’t.  I believe that a spirit of cooperation better serves people than the two-faced, fence-sitting, bunch of suits yelling at one another or leaking unsubstantiated rumours to the ill-informed right-wing news machine…  Ugh.  I really hate politics.  I hate what it turns people into.  I hate that politicians become nothing more than puppets of their parties, unable to think, or stand, or reason for themselves.

So why am I involved?  And not just involved on the fringe?  But right there in the middle of things, president of a provincial political party involved?

If not I, then who?

Who better than I?

I believe that regular people can make a difference.  If we are vocal enough, if we speak loudly enough, if we make noise – someone will hear us.  What we say will reverberate through the halls of government, but it will only happen if we are willing to get involved, if we are willing to put ourselves out there.

So, no.  I don’t like politics.  But that’s exactly why I’m involved.  I am determined to see change happen.  I will ensure change happens.  I put myself out there – as a political candidate, as a volunteer, as a spokesperson, as a voice for reason and right.

I may not change the world, but maybe I’ll inspire the person who does.  All I know is my daughter sees me, and even if she’s the only person who does, that’s enough reason in and of itself to keep fighting.

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