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MLP FiM LIVE in Saskatoon

This was such an overwhelming experience in so many ways.  If you have a loved one who’s all about Friendship is Magic you have got to find a way to get to one of these live performances.  Lily-Ann was so gleefully happy it was just awesome.  And seeing her that ecstatic filled me with a ridiculously alarming amount of joy.  LOL  Like, almost tearfully so.

Gasping with excitement upon seeing her hero, Rainbow Dash, emerge from the crowd to approach the stage.

You can hear Lily-Ann calling to Rainbow Dash, and then encouraging her:

Scroll down to the comments to see the video that is supposed to be here.  WordPress is messing up in a major way lately when it comes to embedding youtube clips.  The second clip below is working fine, but this one is just coming up as a duplicate of the second.  So I’ll paste it into a comment instead.  Sorry about the headache.

Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Apple Jack – the three ponies who came to Saskatoon for the Prairie leg of the live tour.

Only three of the “mane six” made it out to Saskatoon for the shows, but it was still super cool.  Okay, I’ll admit, it would have been at least 20% cooler if Pinkie Pie had been here too – after all, it was a little weird having the other ponies do her songs (and changing lyrics from “Pinkie” to “filly”).  But we were still super stoked when they did the girl’s and my very favourite song from season one.  😀  And yes, if you watch the video, that voice you hear singing along through most of it is the girl.  We know all the words.  😉

All in all?  An amazing, unforgettable experience.  So worth the hour of sitting on the hard mall floor prior to it starting to ensure we were right at the front.  My body was crying, but so was my heart – and my heart was much much louder.

Sneaking up to one of the banners to use it for a photo backdrop.  Super awesome!

We snuck up to the stage after everyone left for a quick photo-op. 😉

I know some pretty amazing people!

There’s a ripple going through society, criticising youth for being lazy kids who want something for nothing…  but you know what?  That same ripple has been going through society since the dawn of time.

Let me set the scene:

Two cave men, long scraggly beards, haggard and worn, old men by thirty, sit by a fire about ten feet in from the entrance to a cave.  One of the men, hunched over with hands closer to an apes than a modern mans, grabs a stick from the dusty rock floor and pokes at the embers of an almost extinct log.  He grunts, a sound full of disgust, and motions towards the lanky cave youth just outside the dank cave who is carving the first wheel.  If we were able to listen in I’m sure his grunts would translate to something along these lines:  “Darn kids today, don’t know the value of a well skinned hide.  All they want to do is play with them damn rocks when they should be out hunting down mammoths.  Lazy no good kids.  Why in my day…”

Like I said.  People have been complaining about youth since the dawn of time.  And why?  Because our values change with each generation.  People grow and change.  And as we get older, we understand less about the things that the next generation values and appreciates.  But that doesn’t mean they are any less ambitious or driven than we were.  In fact, some of the most amazing people I know are the youth of today.

Young people willing to shave their heads to help raise funds and awareness for Cancer research – youth like Lexi and Sara.  Young people willing to walk away from their cushy lives here in Canada and live and learn in Ghana – youth like Corbin.  Young people willing to volunteer their time creating opportunities for other young people to find a sense of family in what started as a group of strangers – youth like Derrick and Sara.  Young people willing to go into schools and talk about bullying and hate, to help spread a message of hope and acceptance – youth like Sarah.  Young people willing to speak out when they see something happening that is wrong or unjust – youth like Mitch.  Young people creating amazing pieces of art that has the potential to change the way people view our world or themselves – youth like Zacery and Vincent.

…and that’s only a small handful of the truly amazing young people I know.

The youth of today deserve our respect.  Sure, they may do things differently than we did, but that doesn’t devalue their actions or their potential.  They are capable of some pretty incredible things.  I know I am hugely blessed to be involved in so many incredible young lives – even just as a cheerleader.

The next time you are sitting in your yard, or in your house, and you happen to catch a glimpse of a young person doing something that you may not value yourself…  think for a second.  They may just be about to create their generations “wheel”.

Baby Snake!

Yesterday we did our big Four Generations shoot.  Two sets of four generation photographs – both including GG (Great Gramma).  GG, Auntie Kak, Jamison, and Finnegan (photographed by moi) and GG, Mom, me, and Lil’ (photographed by Jamie).  Well…  As often happens, when it happens.  The shoot was eclipsed by a wildlife encounter.

Auntie Kathie noticed a baby snake in the grass, a wee tiny plains garter snake.  I, camera still in hand, scooped the little fellow up and quickly passed the camera off to mom.  What a perfect chance for the girlie to appreciate one of Saskatchewan’s native species.  And good on Mom for capturing this amazing shot!

plains garter snake

Me, the wee girlie, and a baby plains garter snake.


My Mom may not be a photographer, but I thought this surprise capture came out beautifully.  With a little “enhancementing” it is now one of my very favourite photographs of the girlie and I.  It’s definitely one I’ll be sharing in a few places.  I absolutely love it.  Thanks Mom, it’s absolutely fabulous!!!

Unfortunately, the rest of my edits and enhancements will have to wait for another day.  With another 43 shoots needing to be edited ahead of it – it may take a while to get there.  But I promise, I’ll be working as hard and as fast as I can (without sacrificing quality) to get there.  I SOOOO hate being behind in my post-shoot work…  but that’s just how it goes some times.  With such patient clients I really am the luckiest photog out there!  😉

One Heck of a Day – Chihuahua Puppies!


Seriously.  Long.  Day.

LOL  If it weren’t for the pure exhaustion, I’d share it all with you.  But honestly?  I am wiped right out.  The adrenaline is no longer pumping, and I’m likely to crash soon.  Okay, I’m starting to crash NOW.  😉

Details can wait, but one thing can’t:  a HUGE shout-out to my husband Damon!  Seriously, this guy was a freakin’ rockstar today.  Never whelped a litter of puppies before, and he was amazing.  Seriously, amazing.

Roo went into labour early, she was due on the 27th.  And of course, I’m in Regina, hours from home.  But I didn’t need to worry, (even though I did, I worried and stressed – LOTS) Damon nailed it!  Not only did he keep Roo calm, and help her out with her first litter, he actually saved a puppy who was in distress.  Like I said.  My husband is a rockstar.  🙂

And another huge thank you to Em, Rosalie, and Laurie who all helped out with advice when the little boy was struggling.  And further thank yous to all my dog show peeps (Lisa, Haille, Kandy, Barry, and everyone else) who tried to console me when things were looking bleak, and celebrated with me when things ended up being great.

So yeah.  Long day.  But, one with a bright happy ending.

Rooty-Toot and Puppies

Oh!  And Marnie won another point today, and got Best Puppy in Breed.  LOL  So, yeah.  Totally draining and exhausting and amazing day.  🙂

Meet the Coordinator for Camp fYrefly 2011!

Today I have so many feelings coursing through…  Life for me has rarely been easy.  Seriously.  But today, it kind of  feels like perhaps karma may not be the bitch some folks make her out to be.

I am the new Camp Coordinator for the 2011 Camp fYrefly in Saskatchewan.  For some, that probably doesn’t mean a darn thing.  For others, I’m sure you’re jumping up and down with joy for me.

Camp fYrefly is an amazing thing.  It’s a leadership retreat for LGBTTQ youth.  Through the course of the “camp”, kids learn how to become agents for change, how to change attitudes, how to inspire others and themselves.  At risk youth, go from the threat of becoming a statistic to becoming our future.  A future of strong, healthy, empathetic, and driven people…  the kinds of people who can change our world for the better.

So…  am I excited?  You bet your ass!

I never would have dreamed that I’d have the chance to become involved, especially in such an instrumental way, with something so incredible.  Yet here I am.  Maybe, sometimes, good things DO happen to good people.  Sometimes years of struggle are rewarded.

This is going to be an amazing Summer.

Am I going to be busy?  TOTALLY.

With my photography, dog show weekends, and Camp fYrefly…  all in addition to being a mom and my commitments with the Green Party?  I’ll probably be run off my feet.  But it’s going to be amazing.  Life changing.  Sometimes finding joy is easy, and sometimes you have to shake things up a bit…  sometimes you have go out and grab it.  So I did.  And I’m so excited to get started.  Today, everything seems within the realm of possibilities.

I am good enough, and now I know others see that too.


For more information on Camp fYrefly visit:

Beauty – Challenging Your Ideals

A fellow writer, Mom, and Canuck, wrote a blog post today entitled “Owning My Own Beauty“.  It lead me to “Own Your Beauty“, an online campaign hoping to change the way women think about beauty.  It was this that got me thinking tonight.

When I hear the word beauty, or more specifically, when I think about beautiful people my list may be different than some.  Many end up with a list similar to People magazine’s most beautiful people list.  I truly believe the people on my list are far more deserving of the word.  Here are some of the first people who come to mind for me:

Gabrielle - beautiful and brave

Crystal Clear - beautiful and gutsy

Trae - beautiful and steadfast

Cassaundra - beautiful and dedicated

Shavonne - beautiful and fierce

Each of these persons is amazingly beautiful, inside and out.  Incredible fighters, working for a cause, determined to bring us into a better world free of discrimination and prejudice.  These are the sorts of people our daughters should be looking up to.  Each willing to put themselves on the line, willing to speak their minds, unwilling to compromise on what’s important.  They may believe in different things, they may work towards different ends, but they are all beautiful incredible people.

Apologies to the many, many more beautiful people I know.  It would have taken me ages to create a complete and exhaustive list featuring all of you.  And to those of you here, I hope you don’t mind that I just snagged one of your facebook photos.  Some of you I have photos of that I took myself (but I’m not posting from my desktop computer so don’t have access to them just now) and others I’ve never met in person (but do hold out the hope that one day I will).

How many beautiful people do YOU know?  If you open your eyes AND heart I’m sure you’ll find that they are everywhere.  🙂

Night everyone,

Be kind to each other.

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