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We love our community school!

We missed the meet your teacher night this year because the girl had her very first ballet class that evening – but we already know Ms. Wolfmueller anyway.  We are there every day after all, I’m a classroom volunteer, so hang out with the kids and Amanda on Thursdays.  So when we showed up for school on Wednesday, we were given a lovely little gift bag all the families received the night before.

The effort that was put into these gift bags just further demonstrates why we love our school.  Such thoughtful gifts for us to share, and completely unexpected and appreciated:

A hand stamped gift bag, a recipe for apple muffins, an apple with a poem tied onto it, a notepad, and a magnet with the school’s contact information.

We really do love the girl’s school.  We started kid-kid there because we loved their pre-k program, Rhonda and Tracy are amazing, and the kids all adore them.  But we continued there because of the real sense of community and belonging found throughout the school.

There are kids from all sorts of families, it’s a wonderfully diverse student body. Diversity is both celebrated and embraced in such a lovely way.  The school participates in the Day of Pink, and I plan to encourage participation in Wear Purple day this year too.  The administration team is fabulous, and well…  we really do love Mayfair Community School.

Parents are teachers too.


Roo Watch 2012:  Roo has been cool, calm and collected.  No signs of early labour.  She’s due on the 29th… so far so good.  🙂

Favourite iApps

So, if I show you mine, will you show me yours?  I’m always looking for something new or cool to check out when it comes to our iGadgets.  The girl, the husband, and I are all a bit on the nerdy side when it comes to loving our tech.  And well, pretty much every other blogger out there has done a favourite apps post, so I figure it’s about time I jumped on the bandwagon.  😉

Some of my most used apps are the simplest (yet coolest) ones.  I love “WeatherEye HD” from the, I use it on an almost daily basis.  The built in messaging app with the addition of “emoji free” works – it’s not even remotely as cool as BBM, but it’s the best to be found in the iApp world.  “Flashlight” also gets a ton of use on a daily basis around here.  We don’t use nightlights, but keep the phones near the bed.  If the girl has to get up to potty she’ll just use that app to find her way there.  I also love my banking app (provided free of charge by TD Canada Trust), and my Cineplex Scene app is another that gets pretty heavy use.  Aesop makes a fabulous app for tracking your menstrual cycle – which I could not live without.  As far as games, I enjoy “Draw Something”, “Around the World in 80 Days”, and “Toy Balls”.  Of course, I can’t forget my “pocket whip”, every grrrl needs that one.  I would go batty with out iCal – it’s synched up on my computer, my phone, and my ipad.  After that?  I think it would nearly kill me to go back to a paper datebook.  And for business?  I’d have to smash something if someone ever took away “Sign My Pad” or “Quick Sale”.  The days of having an entire filing cabinet for my business forms is LONG over…  now a days it’s all in one little folder on my desktop thanks to my iPad.

So… that’s a quick peek at my favourites.  Which apps could you not do without?

Mommy’s Got a New Toy!

Guess who is figuring out her way around her new iPhone?  That’s right!  It’s me.  😀

I have to admit, it was hard saying good bye to BlackBerry Messenger.  Instant messaging just doesn’t better better than that.  It really is the epitome of modern communication.  BBM, you shall be missed.

What I got in trade off though is sooo worth it!

I LOVE that all my devices are now synced up.  My computer, my iPad, my phone…  iCal can go everywhere with me now.  Having my calendar handy no matter where I am is going to be fabulous.

I also love that I will actually be able to take scrapbook page worthy photographs with my phone.  Seriously, the Pearl was terrible for photos – and to think I spent a year doing project 365, and shared sooo many BB photos (they were all soooo bad).  LOL  Expect to see snapshots more often now that I can take decent ones.  Yippee!  🙂

So yeah!  I’m gonna log off of wordpress and go play with my new toy.  It’s one I’ve been excitedly waiting for for some time now.  I love flowers, and I love chocolate, but the way to THIS grrrlz heart is through gadgets!

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canucks!

Hope it was full of family, friends, and food.

The girlie's turkey centerpiece for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Apples and a Walk with Thora

So… this post is for yesterday AND today.  I ended up in bed, in a lot of pain, all yesterday afternoon, evening, and night…  so just couldn’t muster up the strength to post.  Thankfully today has been MUCH better.  🙂  That said, today you get a two-fer.


I am a proud Mommy, so have to share the wee girlie’s first bulletin board at school.  😀  Her pre-k class did a project on apples…  so here’s a quick shot of the bulletin board outside her classroom.



A couple days now, I’ve taken Thora (our Lurcher) with me for the six block walk to pick up the wee girlie from school.  Lily-Ann absolutely LOVES it!  And, of course, so does Thora.  🙂

So here’s a picture of my two baby girls…  only one of whom has reached the double digits.  Thankfully.  😉

A Walk with Thora

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