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Battleford Dog Show Recap

I was going to start out this post with “now that I’m better rested…”  …but honestly?  I’m still just as tired tonight as I was last night.  So I figure I might as well get on with it anyway, as that’s not likely to change any time soon.  😉

Battleford, as always, was a great show.  Great venue, great friends, great dogs…  It really is one of my favourite little Prairie dog shows.

This weekend saw my friend Chris get a group first with his Norrbottenspets, Jasper – who is now a Canadian Champion.  And this Group 1 is only the fifth such placement EVER for a Norrbottenspets in Canada.  So HUGE congratulations are definitely in order.

Another huge congratulations is owed to Haille, my friend Lisa Amos’ daughter, and their Chihuahua Chevy.  Chevy (with Haille on the other end of the lead) earned himself a Best Puppy in Show – not just once, but TWICE!

Marnie (aka Hileigh’s Prairie Sunrise), my Chihuahua puppy who I co-own with Emilie Flynn of Hileigh’s Chihuahuas did great for her very first weekend out.  She was nervous, and hasn’t yet hit her stride…  but every trip into the ring she found more and more confidence.  Still lots of work to do, but we’ll get there.  She came home with two points and many HUGE compliments from judges, and dog fanciers alike.

All in all?  A very good weekend.

Jewles, my little sister, served as photographer.  Here’s the very last shot she snagged.  It’s nothing amazing to look at, not at first glance anyway.

Chevy and Marnie competing for Best of Breed

In order: Chevy, Haille, Marnie, and me.


Now…  look a lot closer…  Check out Marnie’s movement.  She is freaking awesome!  LOL  All four feet off the floor:

a fabulous movement shot

Marnie on the Move!


Great job Jewles, movement on such a tiny dog isn’t easy to capture, and you did it!

Marnie seriously is such an awesome mover…  I’m so proud to be able to call this little girl mine.  Structure, brains, temperament too, not much more a fancier could ask for.  Can you tell I’m a little taken with her?  LOL

Anyway, time to call it a night.  Need some cuddling time with my sleeping girlie.  Good night everyone!


Home Sweet Home!

After a long few days, I’m back home.  Safe and sound.  In fact, I’m currently laying in bed next to my sleeping girl – who’s fingers are resting on my ear.

I love dog shows, but I also love coming home afterward.

To all my photography clients and Camp fYrefly supporters and volunteers:  I will be spending the next few days working through all my email and phone messages.  Please be patient with me.  I will get back to each and every one of you as soon as I’m able.

For now, I’m logging off.  Lots of news from the Battleford show to share… but honestly?  I’m just too darn tired to share it.  😉  Hope you’ll forgive me.  I’ll do my best to give you a run down on the weekend’s event tomorrow – after a little rest.


Battleford Here We Come!

The dog show season is officially upon us.  Yep, the Battleford show is just around the corner.  We head out on Thursday evening, Marnie (the Chihuahua), Jewles (my sister) and me.

I really do love dog shows…  seriously.  I love everything about them.  I love the road trips.  I love traveling with the dogs.  I love being in the ring.  I love getting the dogs ready for the ring.  I love how single-minded and focused life is for those few days.  I love seeing, and visiting with, all my favourite dog people.  I love dog shows.  They are absolutely exhausting…  but they are worth it.

Today we did some shopping.  I picked up a couple shirts, and a new skirt at the Sally Ann (thrift store).  Tomorrow we’ll have to purchase and pack up all the food we’ll need for the weekend.  Thursday it will be time to pack all the clothes, toiletries, and dog stuff…  and that same day (after Jewles’ is home from school) I’ll take Lily-Ann to her Pop Pop and Grams’ place for a two night sleepover, pick up Bug (which is what I’ve called Jewles since she was just a wee thing), and hit the road.

It’s gonna be awesome!

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