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I think we have a winner (in the cool two-wheeler category).

I’ve been out sick for the last several days…  so I actually have a legitimate excuse for the lack of blog posts lately.  LOL  It was pretty miserable, so I’m very glad to be on the other side of all that nastiness.

We took the girlie out looking for bikes.  With the snow still covering everything, we aren’t in a big rush.  But I’m full of Spring thoughts and warm weather wishes…  and looking for a two wheeler was a fun springy thing that we could do indoors (where the blowing snow couldn’t get to us).

We visited a couple different stores, and had to have tried out nine or ten different bikes.  But I think we may have found a winner.  😀  Unlike all the others that piqued her interest, this one has no tassels, no pink or purple, no fairies or princesses, no doll bike seat, no basket, no flower vase…  But when she saw it her eyes lit up and she exclaimed:  “Wow!!  It’s just like a car for racing!!!”

The Winner!


And, the coolest part?

While I know she’d get the hang of any bike after a little practice, all of them were stop and go.  Push one peddle down, wait, push the other down, wait…  Well, all of them until she tried this one.  She needed a little help to get started, but then took off like a flash!  She went about 40 feet without any hesitation or signs of slowing.  LOL

So I called her Daddy over to help her out so I could pull out my BlackBerry to take a quick video.  😀

And yes, if I could figure out how to embed a fb video here I would.  LMAO  But, for now you’ll just have to click on the link.



Moving on…

Lily-Ann finally figured out how to peddle her bike, just in time for her to have outgrown it.  LOL  Isn’t that always the way?  So as we head ever closer to Winter, we are now on the lookout for a new-to-us bike for the wee girlie.  The one she has outgrown has 8″ tires, so probably something in the ten to twelve inch range would be right.  We’ll be passing her old bike on to someone who needs it, and hoping someone will do the same with one that their little one(s) have outgrown.  🙂  Guessing we’ll probably find one just as the snow hits, and then by Spring, when she can get out and ride, we’ll need the next size up.  LMAO  So cross your fingers for us, that we find the perfect new-to-us bike sooner rather than later… so the wee girlie actually has time to get out and enjoy it.  😉

Moving on up...

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood…

It was lovely out today (still is), so the wee girlie, her daddy, and I took our bikes out and about.  Here’s the wee girlie, all being buckled in after leaving  co-op.  She purchased her first stamps today, to put on the invitations for her birthday party (which she made herself).  She was very proud, and did a great job.  The young ladies working in the post office must have thought so too…  they gave her a “cooper” bag that can be worn as a backpack.  Lily-Ann was thrilled.  LOL  It was really cute.

Anyway…  here’s the girlie in her bike trailer.

all buckled in

Okay…  so I can’t let today go by without saying something.  It would seem odd.

Today is Canada day.  And while normally I’m super vocal about how proud I am to be Canadian, and how much I love our wonderful country…  I just can’t do it.  Not this year.  I am embarrassed by what is going on in our nation.  I’m embarrassed by our ecological record.  I’m embarrassed by the atrocious way things have been policed at the G20 summit.  I’m embarrassed by the way we have repeatedly shat on our First Nations people.  I’m embarrassed by the lack of empathy in the “ruling class”.  I am embarrassed in a big way by how our government and our people have lost all sense of perspective on so many issues.  I LOVE MY COUNTRY!  It hurts me to see her in such disrepair.  Being Canadian has become a joke on the world stage, and it wasn’t always that way…  I just hope it’s not too late for things to be put right.  I hope it’s not too late for this once great nation to become great again.

So this Canada day…  I’m sitting quietly by…  I just don’t feel up to celebrating.

(flame suit on)

Our new rig…

YAY!  I’m a happy mommy today.  🙂  After much research and deliberation we purchased a new-to-us electric-assist bike (sometimes called an e-bike, or an electric bicycle) and a toddler-towing-bike-trailer.  We got a super good deal on the used electric-assist bike and found the trailer on sale.  So for a total of less than $450 we have a second vehicle.  Granted, it’s only going to be good for half the year… but still!  No GHG emissions, and an easy way for me and the girlie to get around during the day.  I’m excited!

Here’s Damon and Lily-Ann putting the trailer together in the front yard during sunset.  The wee girlie and I went around the block four times after it was all put together and hooked up – just to test it out.  🙂  It’s awesome!  Can’t wait to get out and about.  😀

wee girlie and her daddy putting the new bike trailer together

Our new rig. 😀

On a totally unrelated note:  I can’t believe it’s April 5th already!  Jeepers.  Where the heck has this year gone?  Soon it will be time for my mom and me to celebrate our birthdays, then it will be the Green Party of Saskatchewan’s AGM, and not long after that we’ll be full swing into Summer.  Jeepers.  I just don’t know where the time has gone.  Wow.

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