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Time for a new look?

So… it’s my birthday.  Yay me.  😉

That really has nothing to do with what I’m planning on asking you today, but I figured I’d throw it out there.  LOL

I’m thinking it’s time for a new look here at TD 365.  I’ve got a couple different themes I’m considering and would love to hear from you – the people who actually read the blog.  What features are important to you?  What would you like to see me add?  What would you like to see me lose?  What would you like me to keep?

Here are a couple looks I’m considering – both very different from one another.

Theme Licorice:  Brings with it a very easy on the eyes palette.  Simple navigation.  Use of “featured images”.  Full posts on the front page.

Theme Mystique:  Brings top of the page “share-ability” with facebook and twitter, and a cool uncluttered widget for clickable content (one click brings up the tags, links, and categories without refreshing the page).  Uses “featured images”.  Full posts on the front page.

So…  the main things I love about about Mystique are it’s easy twitter and facebook sharing, and the neat content widget.  But I have to admit I prefer the look and simplicity of Licorice.  However, there’s always the possibility of just keeping things as they are.  LOL


About time for a blog update…

…or at least an update of the blog’s categories.

I set all the categories back when this was a project 365 blog, but since it has evolved, it’s about time to update and change.  It’s going to take me a while to update everything all the way back to January 1/2010, but I’ll get there.  So far I’ve done all the posts dating back to the beginning of October.  And once I’ve got all of the posts edited, I’ll update the categories so the blog “topper” actually shows all of the new ones I’ve created.  It will now be much easier to find your way to my politically minded, LGBTTQ, feminist, parenting, or other types of posts.  So if you are only interested in reading those particular ones, it will be real quick and easy to access them.  🙂

Okay, I’m off.  🙂  I’m a tired momma.  Need me some time with my sleeping girlie, and my husband.  Think we might watch a Glee DVD.  Freakin’ LOVE Jane Lynch, and the role of Sue Sylvester just lets her shine.

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