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So… I want to know what you think.

Some of my favourite shots, that have become a bit of a signature shot for me, are those where the focus is removed from what would traditionally be the focal point of a photograph.  Allowing the subject (via the aperture setting) to blur. In some instances I allow the subject to become fully part of the bokeh, but others it’s only a mild blur.  Either way, I love the feelings that these shots can evoke.  I really do love them.

Not sure what I’m talking about?  I’ve shared many images of this type on my blog previously.  One of the more memorable was probably this one:  Boudoir Photography.

Here are a couple examples from a recent shoot (of which I never shared a preview):

They just evoke a certain feeling that you don’t get looking directly at the subject.  Kinda voyeuristic.  Like you are getting to peer into a secret moment that wasn’t meant for you.  It’s moodier.  Allows you to place more of your own emotion into the photograph.  It allows you in, in such a way that a traditional portrait doesn’t.

I LOVE these shots.  They really are some of my absolute favourites.  But, my husband doesn’t like them AT ALL.  LMAO  And I’m at a loss as to why.  So.  What do YOU think?  I really do want to know.  I’ll keep taking them, regardless…  because I love them.  LOL  But I am curious.  Am I taking them only for myself because I’m the only one out there who appreciates them?  Or do they speak to an audience larger than me?

What do you think?

Wii Time (and a holiday gift wish).

Today I managed to sneak in with the camera phone while the wee girlie and her daddy were playing on the Wii.  Usually as soon as they see the camera it’s all about avoiding being captured.  LMAO

I absolutely love that the two of them can play together on the Wii and have so many options.  Singing games, dancing games, kids games, sports games…  and that so many of them require them to get up and move.  Of course, with the camera phone, there was no chance in heck of me actually capturing a shot of them dancing to “hot potato”.  So I settled for them playing a sit down game.

Playing videa games.  ;)

Wii Love to Play!


Now, this photo leads me to my holiday gift wish.  Notice all the blur caused by the laughter?  They laugh, they move, and the moment is gone.  I love my big camera.  As a photographer, I NEED my big camera.  But sometimes (like going on school trips, taking the girlie swimming, or for snapshots like this one) I’d really like one of those pocket sized, point and shoot cameras.  As long as it has a quick shutter speed, and image stabilization I’d be happy…  but add on a bit of water or weather proofing and I’d be THRILLED.  LOL  So, any holiday elves out there?  That’s my holiday gift wish.  😉

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