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Wow, one long day!

Looooooong day.

Being up late last night whelping puppies didn’t help, but it was a pleasant surprise.  Even having monitored Roo’s temperature for the 40 hours leading up to the birth didn’t give us the “heads up” it should have.  But then, Roo has never been one to do ANYTHING by the books.

Even after everyone settled in for the night, I didn’t actually do much sleeping.  Between the neon red glow of the heat lamp and the occasional pip from a puppy, it just wasn’t a restful night for me.  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not complaining.  The babies are worth a little exhaustion.

This morning we had to be at the airport to drop off Deedee at 8:30.  Which meant an early wake-up.  The girl and I don’t usually rise until 9, and she wanted time to visit a park with Deedee for some photos before saying goodbye.  So it really was an early one.

Since we were out already we decided to grab some breakfast.  The girl had pancakes.  Damon had an english muffin breakfast sandwich (yes, thankfully he had Tuesday off this week).  And I had a croissant – boy it’s nice to be on solid foods again… but I do find my jaw gets tired quick and easily.

We did some running around.  Picked up some puppy supplies, got our house insurance information ready for the move, paid a bill…  Then it was home to weigh puppies and make sure everyone was getting a chance to nurse before taking the girl to school – WITH a photo of each puppy and a family portrait to show off to her class.

While the girl was at school we did some more running around so we’d be ready to go as soon as she was off.

We snagged her at 3:25, headed home briefly to let her change into her ballet clothes and to let the dogs out for a potty break.  We also had a 1/2 hour breather (while the dogs were out) during which I just about fell asleep – way too tired.  Damon and Lily-Ann dropped me off at my Breaking the Silence board meeting (which was super exciting, I sooo hope we’re able to get my first choice of speaker for the Friday night kick off, he’d be AMAZING), and the two of them went out for an early supper.  I had to bow out a little early as they picked me back up at 5:30 so we could head to ballet.

After class, we came home weighed puppies again and made sure Roo laid still for a nice long nursing session.  She’s generally a really great momma dog, but she has never been one to stay still for long.  Which was fine for her last litter of two…  but she needs to stretch right out and lay good and still to nurse five…  so she needs us to be rather hands on at this point.

Lily-Ann played on the iPad while we took care of Roo and the pups, then it was time to start the bedtime routine.  And I’ll admit, I dozed off a little while Damon was reading Medusa the Mean.  I really miss doing the night time reading, but until we get things cleared up for me health wise, it’s been passed on to Damon…  tonight though?  tonight I was actually rather thankful for that.

Now the girl is asleep, Damon is upstairs on the computer, and I’m laying in bed with the kid typing this blog post.  LONG day.

Here’s a puppy video I snagged last night during the birth:

Baby three was one of the only puppies born head first.  Most came out backwards.  I have videos of those as well… but I haven’t uploaded them yet.  It all went so fast, I didn’t have a chance to upload as things went along.  When I’m more awake, I promise to share more.  It’s pretty cool.

Here’s another one…

Okay, here’s another of my “famous” I’m-too-tired-to-post-posts.  We had a very productive Green Party of Saskatchewan executive meeting tonight (it JUST let out) and I am beat.  Lots accomplished.  Exciting times within the party.  😀

It wasn’t Boo Radley.

Well, the mystery giver wasn’t Boo Radley, however it WAS one of our neighbours.  We got a lot done at tonight’s Camp fYrefly board meeting – super exciting times ahead.  And when I arrived home (about a 1/2 hour ago) Damon said “I found out who’d left us those things.”  So here is a thank you to our neighbour Jeff.  It was a kind and generous thing to do, and was very much appreciated.

The girlie wore one of the hair dolls (little dolls with hair elastics attached) to school today, and I do hope he saw her with it as we were leaving the house.  The gifts were used and will continue to be.  Used and appreciated.

So while today started out kinda crazy (had a resurgence of the toddler temper), it ended up being a good one.  Lots done, lots to get done.  And a nice surprise too.

Bento Boxes?

It appears that if I’d sat down to write my blog post as soon as I’d arrived home from this evenings Camp fYrefly board meeting I’d have had a ton to say.  I thought, that if I took a few minutes to just relax with my husband next to my sleeping daughter, that I’d still have as much to say.  I was wrong.

Now, my brain is tired.  My brain is pooped.  My brain is ready to sleep.  Perhaps, a small part of my brain has already gone to sleep.  😉

So instead of sharing all the exciting things we have done, all the exciting things on the horizon?  Instead, I’m going to write a brief post on Bento Boxes.  LMAO  That’s right.  Bento boxes.

I want one.

We eat supper during our board meetings.  And being on the board, and on the committees who report to the board, that’s a lot of supper-time meetings.  I’m currently using one of my moms tupperware containers.  Just a pink plastic round thing with three compartments.  And, while it does work.  It’s my moms, and it’s tupperware.  😉  So I would like a bento box.  Which is basically just a nice version of what I’m using (and it would be mine, so I could return my moms container to her).

Sooo….  got a lead on a bento box for me?  I’d prefer to shop local if possible.  But I haven’t had any luck just yet.

I love this one:

But I’d really like to keep this purchase under $20.  Isn’t it a gorgeous set though?  Mmmm…  love it!  LOL

Programming Committee Meeting

I have to say, I rather liked typing that title.  LOL

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a thing for repeating patterns of numbers and letters.  And “programming committee meeting” has a wonderful repeating pattern.  Gotta love those little bits of OCD we all seem to have (of course, most folk try a little harder than I do to hide them, where I am all about living life out in the open).

Anyway…  LMAO

Tonight was the first meeting I attended for the Programming Committee with Camp fYrefly.  Ooooo we’ve got some exciting things in the works for this year.  Lots of work still to be done, but nothing we can’t handle.  It really is going to be an awesome year for CF, and I am just so thrilled to be involved.

It was a rather fun meeting too.  Because we have less to accomplish at a committee meeting vs. at the board meetings we were able to gab a little too.  I enjoy a proper formal meeting where we are able to get a ton of stuff done, but it’s nice to be in a more relaxed setting too.  Both definitely have their perks I suppose.

So, not the most thrilling blog post I’ve ever made (how do you compete with yesterday’s post???), but it is what it is.  LOL

My first Camp fYrefy board meeting.

I am so excited about my position as coordinator for this years Camp fYrefly, seriously.  LOL  Tonight was my first board meeting.  What a fabulous eclectic group of people.  I’m going to have a lot of fun working with everyone.

Anthony (the coordinator for Saskatoon, two years ago) is going to be a lot of fun to work with… and it looks like we’ll be working pretty closely on a number of things.

At one point during our meeting, I actually got goosebumps.  Do you know how exciting it is to be a part of something that can give you goosebumps?  Lots of work to be done, and I’m so excited to get started.

It’s odd coming home to a sleeping household though.  I left here at about 4:30, I only got a short visit with the girlie after school before I had to start getting ready.  And I come home to a dark house, her fast asleep in our bed.  But I know she was in good hands, safe and listened to.

Briefly, at about seven, the realization dawned on me that I’d normally be home reading “chapters” with the girl.  It’s part of our nighttime ritual.  But we both survived just fine.

It’s hard to go from sitting in a board room, directly to laying in bed…  so I’m glad I’ve got this time to blog and unwind.  My brain is all over the place still, feeling a little pulled and a little scattered.  It was a lot to take in, the start of a grand adventure.  It really is exciting.

Just being cute…

Here’s the wee girlie, just being cute.  🙂

just being cute

I had a lot I planned on writing about today.  It was a busy day.  BIG Green Party of Saskatchewan board meeting.  Lots accomplished.  Really exciting plans for this summer.  But it’s late, and I’m tired.  So you’ll all just have to wait…  LOL  I do feel bad for not sharing tonight, but not so bad that I’ll lose sleep over it.  In fact, I’m f alli n g  asl  e ep as  i  t yp e…  go o d  n i g  ht.


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