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Woe be unto the mother after moving.

I’m beginning to think I may need to start blogging in the afternoons.  Lately I’m so beat by the time the girl is in bed that it’s hard to string two sentences together – forget being witty and interesting while doing so.  Settling in and nesting is an exhausting undertaking, and this is our first time doing so with a five year old under foot…  which only multiplies the exhaustion and the amount of time it takes to get anything done.  I am hopeful though, slowly we will put together a room.  And yes, I said A room, as in ONE room…  eventually ONE room will be finished, and then we’ll move onto another.  For now though, we live surrounded by boxes and piles of partially organized items.  And I’m just too darn exhausted to do anything about it.  😛

The ballet recital

It’s amazing how quickly life intervenes and prevents you from getting anywhere.  During the two weeks Damon was home from work, we got an incredible amount done…  The house boxed up and moved, beginning to set up the new place…  but now that he’s back at work, we’re lucky to get a box unpacked every day.  With work, school, birthday parties, and ballet recitals?  It’s tough to find time for anything else.

It’s a little frustrating.  I’d really like to have the house free of boxes rather shortly.  I don’t want to go into the holiday season amidst piles of stuff.

So here’s something cute.  🙂  The girl had her very first ballet recital today.  Granted, it was an early introduction class for 3, 4, and 5 year olds – so there wasn’t much to it.  But it was cute just the same.  Here’s the video her Daddy took:

I hate moving.

I’m stressed out and highly emotional.  Probably not a good night for blogging unless I want salty water and snot in my keyboard.  😛  So I’m going to refrain.  I’ll be fine, nothing to worry about.  Just lots of upheaval right now, which kinda makes me want to crawl into a hole and not come out for a couple of months.  So, after I finish packing a couple more boxes I’m going to watch a little TV and have a relatively early bedtime.
Night all!

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