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Work till you drop…

Okay.  I still have a million things to do…  but you know what?  I’m working myself to the death.  Camp starts on Thursday, and all day Wednesday I’ll be in doing the youth leader and adult volunteer training.  So that really only leaves today and tomorrow left.

So…  I figure I’ll bring my computer and my printer with me to camp.  My room can be my office.  And as I need things, I’ll do them up and print them off.  I’ve been SOOOO sick the last couple hours that I physically HAD to stop working or my keyboard would have gone real bad real fast.  I’ve spilled a smoothie on a clamshell iBook, and that would have been NOTHING compared to what would have happened if I didn’t put away the computer when I did.

I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best to listen to our bodies.

I’m going to bed early tonight.  I won’t be any use to anyone if I push myself any further.  So, if a few papers don’t get printed tonight, if I don’t finish up my little table top schedules, camp will go on and be just fine without them.  LOL  But it won’t go on just fine without the coordinator.  So the coordinator is calling it quits.  At least for the night.

Yesterday I worked on camp stuff from 9 AM until 2 AM.  Today I again started at 9 AM…  but I was forced to stop at 6:30.  And that’s just where it’s going to stay.  I’ll work on some more stuff tomorrow, and then bring my “office” with me to camp so that it’s handy for any little detail things that I may need it for.  Camp’s going to rock!  And I sure as hell want to be well enough to enjoy it.  😀

Night all!

Taking a Break!

Apparently grocery shopping is exhausting.  LOL  Here’s the wee girlie, who’s found herself a comfy spot in the outdoor section.


In other news…  😀

My new website launched today!

I’m quite excited about this one.  It’s taken far more work than any site I’d created previously (when I was fresh out of University I worked as a web designer for a few years).  Each page was created completely separately from the  page before it.  No creating of a template and then just popping in content for this one.  As  you flip through it, it reads like a scrapbook.  All done in pinks and greens – my favourite colours.  Please do take a look, and let me know what you think.  Visually, it’s very different than anything I’ve done before.  Hope you all like it as much as I do.

pssst…  pass it on!

Multiple Measure Rest

A multi-measure rest, or a multi-bar rest, is a break in music for a defined number of measures (or bars).  Here’s Lily-Ann’s interpretation:

Multi-Bar Rest

Multi-Measure Rest

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