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Mickey on the Brain

Lily-Ann is making Mickey pancakes on her breakfast app.

Lily-Ann is making Mickey pancakes on her breakfast app.

Clearly I’m not the only one in the house with Mickey on the brain.  The girl made Mickey Mouse pancakes while she was playing on her breakfast app.  And while yes, this kind of post would be more appropriate on a “Wordless Wednesday” let’s just call this one a “Tired Tuesday”.  😉

I am SOOO ready for the Holiday break!  I don’t know who I was trying to cheer up more when I said to the girl “only three more days of school until the break”.

I’m at school all morning tomorrow, and then I have an School Community Council meeting at lunch.  On Thursday we have the Saputo lunch at school.  Friday is PJ day.  Saturday is Yule.  Sunday I have a wedding to photograph.  Monday I have a family photo session to do, and some Yummy Rummy egg nog to make.  Tuesday is the annual Christmas eve party.  Wednesday is Christmas with my siblings and parents.  Thursday is boxing day, when the extended family will all gather at my parent’s place.  Friday I have a hair cut and a night out with my man.  And Saturday I can kick back and do NOTHING with the kid.  Maybe.  I have a friend in town and we’re either going to have a little mini-high school reunion on Saturday OR Sunday.  LOL  The point is, on Saturday or Sunday next week I get to kick back and do nothing.  LMAO  Yay!  Oh!  I still have one teacher present to make and a gift for one of the Brides.  Yikes!  Tack those onto the to do list for the next day or two.  I do love the holidays, but I am looking forward to a day with NOTHING.  Oh!  Still about eight presents to wrap too.  Gotta get those done.  Am I missing anything important?  Grocery shopping.  Right.  Hard to have a merry holiday pig out without food in the house.  LOL  Anything else?

I’m so glad Yule falls smack in the middle of it all.  While it will be a day with lots going on, it’s ALL just for us.  And I’m so looking forward to seeing the girl’s reaction to the news that we’re heading back to Disney World in mid-January.  😀

A full life, a good life.

Tonight is one of those nights where if I were someone who actually planned out their blog posts I might have something to write about.  LOL  But I’m not.  The fact of the matter is that my muse is pulling me in a few different directions and I’m feeling somewhat scattered because of it.

I want to write about the fabulous Father’s Day crafts the girl and I have been working on…  but if either my Dad or hers actually read the post it would ruin the surprise.  I want to write about a MW friend of mine who’s ghost hunting stories got me thinking about all the things out there we don’t really know about.  I want to write more about Skippyjon Jones, and my surprise at how few people I know have heard about this fabulous series of books.  I want to write about the fact that kid-kid is going to be “graduating” from pre-k this month, and what choices we’ve made about our next step.  So… yeah…  kinda being pulled in a few too many directions just now.  😉

Do you ever have one of those days?  When you’ve spent time working on so many different projects, and thinking about so many different things, that you’re just left feeling kinda scattered at the end of it?  The girl and I do so many fabulous things (today we actually drew our own chalk zoo on the sidewalk in front of our house – complete with lion, 2 crocodiles who’s heads we created by tracing our butts and legs, a baby elephant who’s nose is too big for her face, a hippopotamus, a bear wearing blue jeans and loafers, and a bunch of people who came to see them all), and I always have so much on the go that the problem is rarely coming up with something to write about – rather it’s narrowing down to ONE thing to share.

I really do love everything I’m involved in, and the fact of the matter is, I’ve actually cut back a great deal.  I’m no longer the President of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, nor am I associated with Camp fYrefly, and I haven’t been dedicating the time to scrapbooking that I used to.  I’m also done with dog shows (at least for the next month or so – I doubt I’ll ever actually be done with them, I love them too much).  Yet my plate is still happily full.  And of everything I do?  I love the things I do with, or for my daughter the best…  and that includes a LOT of things.  😉

Whenever Lily-Ann and I get talking, I can’t help but emphasize to her how lucky we are…  in so very many ways.  But one of the simplest is that our lives are full of love.  We both have so many people who love us and care about us.  And that is a very big deal.

Yep.  It’s a good life.

The girl, posing on her “sitting rock” on our way to school today.

Busy, busy, busy… Camp fYrefly SK update!

With little more than a week to go before Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan starts seeing campers and volunteers arriving in the city, I’m finding my schedule jam packed with all sorts of details that need attention.  It’s super exciting knowing how close we are getting – but also a little nerve racking too.  Months and months of work about to culminate in one absolutely fantabulous event.  🙂  I’m sooo excited, but I’m also stressed.

Want a little honesty?  I know that even if something goes wrong, even if something ends up forgotten, even if some strange thing pops up at the last moment?  I know that it will all be just fine.  We’ll handle it.  And everything will still be amazing.

Now…  to those campers who have neglected getting their acceptance packages in by the deadline?  Yes YOU.  Get your butts in gear.  I know where you live!  LMAO  Don’t make me come knock on your door.  If I have to wear my mean face, well gol’darn it, I’ll pull up my big girl panties and put on my mean face.  But I won’t like it – and you’ll have to pay if you make me do it.  😉  So get your paperwork in!!!!  Like, now!  😛

I really do wonder if you…

…are getting sick of reading about my exhaustion?  Because you know what?  I’m exhausted.  😉

I can’t help it.  After working at home all day, picking the girlie up after she got home from the lake with my mom, then attending TWO board meetings?  Well…  I’m exhausted.  And I’m likely to stay that way – at least until the end of August.  LOL  At which point I may consider going into hibernation until Spring.  I’ll keep you posted.

Things with Camp fYrefly are progressing.  It’s starting to get super excited.  We’ve been looking at applications, choosing campers, youth leaders, and adult volunteers…  We have a program in place with amazing presenters.  We’re filling swag bags, and buying gifts.  We’re working on our program booklet, and planning for daily yoga sessions.  We’re getting things ready for what will be the best leadership retreat yet!  I am SOOO excited, are you?

Starting to get busy….

It looks like my “lazy” dayz are coming to an end.  I am going to have six months of pure busy, completely immersed in the things I love.  Photo sessions galore, meeting and working with amazing LGBTTQA youth, dog shows every few weekends, and with only a few more months till Summer – I’ll have the wee girlie home with me all the time.  It’s exhausting thinking about it.  LOL

This won’t be a pace I could keep up indefinitely, but with a concrete end in sight?  It will be one amazing time.  For a while, it was all on the horizon…  but as of this weekend, it’s happening now.  I’m exhausted, laying in bed next to my baby girl, but given a little time I know my body will get used to this new level of busyness.  For now though?  I’m happy to be laying in bed rather than laying in snow – like I was doing earlier today.  LMAO  Anything for the shot, right?  It’s not the first time I’ve been in snow up to my neck to get the photograph I wanted, and it won’t be the last.  😉

A very long day…

It’s been a very long day…  Mostly because we didn’t get much sleep last night.  It was absolutely freezing here.

The pilot light started going out early in the evening, and while we thought it was odd, we lit it a couple of times and the furnace then kicked in fine.  However, by about 9:00 it went out and stayed out.  We could light it, but within about a minute it would be out again.  Of course, by this point, there was nothing we could do but wait until morning.

Thankfully the girlie was away, sleeping over at her Pop Pop and Grams’ place.  I’d have hated for her to have been here with us.  It was pretty miserable.  It was just too cold to sleep.  I was up until about 6:00 AM, when exhaustion kicked in and I finally crashed.  But even then I was only able to sleep for five or ten minute spans, as the cold would rouse me.

Damon slept pretty well all night, but was up by 7:00, and couldn’t get back to sleep…  because?  You guessed it.  Too cold.  I gave up and got up at about nine.

I have to admit, I’m awfully grateful for Damon some days.  While he may not have a romantic bone in his entire body, he is pretty handy, and good at figuring things out.  After spending a little time online he figured out what the problem was, and we hit the co-op home center.  Twelve dollars later we had heat.

So, not sleeping will make most any day seem long…  but today was jam packed and would have been long even without our frigid night.  I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight, but am guessing that morning will be here all too soon.  😉

Busy, busy day.

Spent the morning with the wee girlie.  Playing, cuddling, colouring, eating, getting ready for pre-k…  Then the afternoon was devoted to Green Party business, including chairing an executive meeting.  In the evening we picked up my sister Jewles, and headed off to the library.  Following that it was over to my parents for some supper, where we helped my Dad navigate through the maze of uploading media on his Mac and iPod.  Put the wee girlie to sleep.  Then worked on Christmas presents and played on facebook for a wee bit.  Now, laying in bed, girlie beside me, posting on the blog.  Whew.  LMAO

Tomorrow morning will be much the same (and my favourite part of the day because it’s just me and the girl), in the afternoon I’ve got presents to work on as well as some scrapbooking business to attend to.  Then it will be off to my parents place to help decorate the tree.  😀  Sooo looking forward to that.  Because we’ve just got the tiny half tree that hangs on the wall (will share a picture when we put it up) I really do enjoy helping set up my parents tree.  And I’m sure Lily-Ann will too.

Now, I’m going to share a photo of the girlie playing at the library.  Then I’ll be playing a bit of Warstorm on FB.  And nighty night.  LOL  Just me and the dogs awake in the dark (Damon is up on the desktop computer).  😀

Playing at the Library!

I’m cheating!


Okay, I’m totally cheating today.

I was laying here, and it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t take a picture.   Not a one… not even with my camera phone.  It’s dark in here, because I’m laying in bed after having put the wee girlie to sleep, so it’s not like I can take a picture in here.   So…  I’m cheating.


Here’s a picture my friend Emilie took today.

Photograph by Emilie Flynn of HiLeigh Chihuahuas

Chihuahua Puppies, up to no good.

You can visit Emilie at her website (where there are lots of cute Chihuahua pictures) @

So yeah.  LOL  Busy day.

Got an equally busy one planned for tomorrow – but I’ll make sure to take a picture or two along the way.  😉

A couple more days…

I just wanted to drop in and let you all know that things will return to normal in a couple more days.  Things have been rather crazy lately…  What else is new, right?  LOL

I have been taking a photo a day this whole time, but I’ll be honest… I likely won’t post them.  I know myself really well, and I know I’m not up for the work that would be involved in downloading, editing, uploading, and blogging about that many images.  If I were to wait until I could find the time to do it all in a sitting I likely wouldn’t return to the blog in any real way, and I would miss it – as I have been missing it.

The last while I’ve been staying at my parents place (my husband has been staying at home) as they are in Ontario visiting family.  Two of my siblings still live at home, and require a caregiver.  There are also two older gentlemen who call my parent’s house, home (both who have special needs).  So between caring for Lily-Ann AND an additional four individuals, I’m pretty busy.  LOL  By the time night rolls around, the bed in my parents room starts calling my name pretty loudly… it would seriously interrupt any train of thought I had whilst attempting a blog post.  Much as it’s doing right now.  The bed is definitely calling to me.


In a few more days I’ll be back home, and life should return to normal.  Which means I should be back at the daily blogging.  I really  have missed it, so it will definitely feel good to be posting on a regular basis again.

Take care everyone, and be good to one another.  🙂

my crazy, somewhat hectic, life

So, again it’s been several days since my last blog post.  I actually began writing one yesterday,  but after about ten paragraphs realized it wasn’t really going anywhere….  just a long vent.  LMAO  So I shelved it.  The fact of the matter is simple really.  Life has been somewhat hectic lately, and I’ve just been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  After the dog show this weekend it should calm down again.

I head out tomorrow for Swift Current.  The dog show is taking place at the fairgrounds there, so please feel free to come on out and have a look if you live in the area.  I’ll be showing a wonderful Chihuahua named Neddie.  He’s already earned his championship, but is now competing as a “special”.  You’ll know him when you see him…  he’s a lovely, stocky, tri-colour.  And he’s all boy.  LMAO  He’s a complete charmer, and is such a sweetie… a trait passed down to his pups.  Something I hope to see first hand this Summer when he is bred to my blue tri-colour female, Roo (Rooty Toot has made appearances here in the past).

Anyway…  I have continued taking a photograph every day, and will compile them all into a long blog post when I get back.  Promise.  🙂

Take care everyone, and be kind to one another.

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