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Lady Gaga at Camp fYrefly!

Throughout the next couple of weeks I plan to share stories and video’s from Camp fYrefly.  Today, I figured I’d kick things off with a little fun.  Seriously, I alternated between laughing like a mad woman, and crying buckets full of tears.  My cackle became a bit of an inside joke between some of the campers, and I’m sure my tears did too.  LMAO

One thing I have to admit I didn’t expect was the huge level of talent amoungst (or is it amongst?  Right or wrong, as a Canadian I’m inclined to throw a U into almost every word with an O) the campers.  Sure, I expected there to be talent, but every single young person I met seemed to have some absolutely amazing talent.  Some were incredible writers, some were musicians, some were visual artists, comedians, improvisational actors, and some…  like Jesse, were dancers.

Jesse honestly blew my mind.  Holy crap.  Some talent scout needs to snap this boy up and make him sign a contract thus making them both rich.  And then I can say “I knew him when…”  Watch this video, and you’ll know why.

I wish I’d had one of my good cameras with me, rather than just my iPad.  But hey, talent is talent – regardless of how mediocre the equipment it’s captured on.  And Jesse?  He’s nothing but raw, unbridled, passionate, dance.  And all that energy, ready to burst out at a moments notice, is hidden beneath the most unassuming, gentle, sweet, and soft-spoken exterior.

Video Removed at the Request of the Camp fYrefly Founders. 

Sorry Everyone, You’ll just have to take my word for it.  Jesse is awesome!

An update FROM Camp fYrefly AB!

Hey folks!

I am actually writing this post while in Edmonton.  Camp fYrefly AB has been wonderful so far.  The campers are amazing, and the team behind the camp as well as the adult volunteers are absolutely fantastic!  It truly is an honor to be surrounded by such incredible people.

Anyway…  I had hoped to be keeping in touch better during my time away, but wifi has been difficult to come by.  I am currently typing while sitting at a volunteer’s home.  I am doing my best to work on a number of things during any down time that I have, but any non-Camp fYrefly email has gone unaddressed, and I do apologize for that.  I will get back on things as soon as I’m back home.  I so appreciate your patience.

Well, I better run.  It’s about time I headed back to camp.  Take care all.  Be safe, and be good to one another!

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