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Bill C-389… the “bathroom bill”?

Today has been super busy.  Spent the morning with my wee girlie.  The early afternoon answering emails and phone calls.  A photo shoot in the late afternoon.  Supper with my husband and girlie, followed by another shoot.  Read a few chapters to the girl, put her to bed… and am now here – with you.  Because today was so busy, there are lots of things I could blog about…  but more important than anything I did, is something YOU can do.

With the looming general election, there’s a chance that Bill C-389 may end up being scrapped.  If it’s not passed soon, it’s done…  and all the work that has been done already will be for nothing.  Everything will have to start from scratch.

To it’s discredit, Bill C-389 has become known as the “bathroom bill”.  But it really has very little to do with public washroom facilities (gendered washrooms vs ungendered ones) and everything to do with human rights.  Some folks, particularly the “Christian Right” have been using fear-mongering tactics… claiming it would mean the end of “family values”.  And honestly?  What a load of bunk.

This bill is about human rights on a VERY basic level.  Equality for all people.  It simply asks for the words “gender identity, gender expression” to be added to both the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code.  This would give protection to transgendered people, who currently face an appalling  amount of discrimination, recrimination, and fear every day…  for nothing more than BEING.

You can read the text of the bill itself at:

In an effort to promote fear, prejudice, and incite hatred some are attempting to thwart this bill saying that it would mean that we would need to start teaching trans 101 in pre-school.  Quite honestly, these folks are completely out of touch with reality…  but, seriously, this is the “worst case scenario” they came up with.  The worst possible thing to come out of this legislation would be to teach equality to children?  Wow.  How is it we haven’t passed this bill already???

We teach equality regardless of sex, equality regardless of race, equality regardless of religion, equality regardless of wealth, equality regardless of creed…  why are we not teaching our young children equality regardless of gender?

Bill C-389 is about safety, security, and the right to personhood.  Transgendered individuals deserve the same protection under the law that every other person is already guaranteed.  It is disgusting that we haven’t already ensured legislation like this is in place.

So, what can you do?

Write Letters!

There is a draft letter available at: So if you aren’t confident drafting your own, please feel free to copy and paste the one available there.  That is, after all, the whole reason it is there.

If you are in Saskatchewan here are the email addresses for your Senators:

Share this Blog Post!

Share this link on facebook, twitter, or any of the dozens of social networking sites out there.  Make people aware of this important bill.  Do NOT let it die.

Talk to the Local Media!

Got a favourite news team or news show?  Find their website.  Chances are they will have contact information listed.  Email them, phone them!  Make them aware of what is going on.  Get them talking!

Tell Your Friends!

Seriously, talk to your friends and family.  I bet most of the people you know don’t even know about this bill.  Did you?

It is an atrocity that in this day and age there are still people in Canada without basic human rights.  Without the right to be free from discrimination, without the right to be free from fear.  Bathroom legislation?  What a slap in the face.  This isn’t about public washrooms.  This is about being HUMAN.

Speak up!  Get heard!  Make change!


CRTC – Usage Based Billing

The CRTC’s ruling in favor of usage based billing is nothing new, but suddenly there is a rallying cry against it.  Huzzah say I!  It’s about time the public came together against the greed based billing that is prevalent in so many industries, yet impacts the greatest number of consumers in this particular instance.

Folks, like myself, who are Shaw customers have seen the impact of this usage based billing as evident for a little while now.  If you exceed your usage allowance you are assessed a higher fee – which can be surprising (to say the least).  And these days it doesn’t take much to boost your usage beyond your allowance.  I upload and download scrapbooking kits, music, and movies – all which carry with them a high price in bandwidth since the CRTC passed this ruling.

Satellite internet users will find a rather interesting tactic employed to keep them below their allowed bandwidth.  If they download (or upload) too much too quickly, suddenly their speed drops to a snails pace.  While figurative, it’s as close to literal as one gets when describing the rate of media transfer.  Which is also something companies have not been warning their customers about prior to signing them up.

Hopefully the Canadian government – which has actually responded to the outcry over this “new” practice – will take strong and swift action.  This is yet another blow that is felt most by those of us on the low income spectrum.  The internet serves (for many of us) as a way to level the playing field…  but with usage based fees we suddenly find ourselves being marginalized yet again.  Free tv episodes, low cost movie rentals (via netflix and other providers), are suddenly set to be – yet again – out of our reach.

Thank you corporate greed.

Okay, rant over.  I’m putting away my virtual soap box, and returning to my regularly scheduled cuddle with the wee girlie.  😉  Night all.  Find something little to take joy in.  Rants are allowed, warranted, and can be rewarding…  but they are far from peaceful making.  LOL

But if you want a little more on the CRTC, their decision, and how it may affect you, check out this link:

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