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Nostalgia peppered with white…

So…  if you think back to yesterdays blog post.  Or heck.  You don’t need to think back, you could actually just go back to it if you really wanted to.  Or you could just stay on this post and SAY you went back.  In any case…  (think it might be time for bed, I’m quickly losing that quality of cohesiveness required for cognizant coagulatory contemperance communicative abilities)

Oh boy.

Let’s just keep working together and get through this post before I fall asleep on the keyboard.  😉

So…  as I was saying…

Yesterday I mentioned how that first bit of snow rarely sticks around for long, and I hypothosized that the beautifully thin veil of crystal beauty which had descended upon us would likely vanish by afternoon.  Well…  I took these photos this afternoon.  At about 12:30 actually (so very shortly after noon).  And it was just the beginning of what has become a rather thick blanketing of crisp cold first snow.  LOL  Tomorrows trip with the wee girlie’s class to the pumpkin maze may be an interesting one.  😉

Watching Lily-Ann for the brief time we had available to us before heading to her school filled me with nostalgia.  It wasn’t as long ago, as we sometimes think, that we met the cold with that same enthusiasm.  So what else could I have done?  I grabbed my camera (albeit for only about two minutes – you know, cold fingers and all that) and shot a few black and whites…  capturing the moment for when a 30+ year old Lily-Ann feels a little nostalgic.


I’m not always a fan of what compression does to photos…  RAW to JPG…  but you do what you have to do, I suppose.  LOL

Oh!  I likely won’t have the results back from my FoodSafe final exam for a couple weeks, but I’m pretty sure I aced it.  Easy peasy.  So you can bet that the Lentil Ladies 2.0 Collective Kitchen will be up and running before too long.  😀

Night all!

And be safe out there.  It’s easy to forget the keys to safe Winter driving after several months of sunshine and lollipops.

It Snowed!

Initially I planned to write about taking my FoodSafety course.  I have my certificate from the CHEP leadership training, so now only need my FoodSafe certificate in order to lead a Collective Kitchen group.  I took a quick pic of my notebook and some of my notes, and was all set to share.  Then I got home.

Well…  you couldn’t see it downtown (where I am taking the course) but once I was home, you couldn’t miss it.  There was snow.  Albeit a thin layer of it, but it is there.  Shining white like diamonds in the moonlight.  Shimmery, beautiful, new.  Chances are it will be gone by noon tomorrow (thankfully), but that first bit of snow really is a pretty sight.  A little touch of faery magick in the otherwise dreary and dark late Autumnal world.  🙂

So while I’ll be happy to have it melt away, the new snow still puts a touch of magick into an otherwise drab and boring night.

It Snowed!

Princess Pinky, the Maiden in the Middle, and other finger friends.

A handful of fun friends came to visit with the wee girlie during a break at our Collective Kitchen leadership training today.  And they all fit onto her Auntie Riki’s hand (who also happened to be taking the training).  🙂

Four Friends


You can click the image above to bring it up larger if you’d like to see a little more of our four friends.  LOL


This  week I’ve been taking the Collective Kitchen leadership training.  And, yay for me, it’s being offered at the Carpenter’s Church only seven blocks from my house and two blocks from the wee girlie’s school.  🙂  Anyway, I left to walk Lily-Ann to school, and on the way we ran into Carissa and her mom.  So the two girls got to walk the whole two blocks together – hand in hand.  It was so sweet.  Us mom’s have exchanged contact info, as we’ve both noticed over the last month how close the girls have gotten.  They hit it off at orientation, and their bond has just gotten stronger as the weeks have gone by.  So hopefully we can work things out for the girls to have a couple play dates at the park before it gets too chilly out for such things.  🙂



Aren’t they WAY too cute?  😀

Collective Kitchen!

The Lentil Ladies were at it again today.  🙂  We made a lovely vegetarian shepherds pie with celery, red peppers, carrots, lentils, quinoa, and topped with sweet potatoes.  We also did a sweet potato and squash soup.  Cooked up some whole wheat bagels, and baked some delightful vegan chocolate raspberry cupcakes.  Mmmmmmmm…..  good good good.

Here are the kids all helping to clean up afterwards.  😀  Love that they all shared the vacuum.

kids helping clean up

Collective Kitchen Clean-up

The Lentil Ladies

Our Collective Kitchen Group - The Lentil Ladies

The Lentil Ladies

Welcome to our Collective Kitchen group.  We’re the Lentil Ladies.  🙂

From the left we are Janice, Colleen, Sarah (our group leader), Riki (my sister), and Michelle.

We get together once a month to cook vegetarian meals for our families.  Today we made Dahl (which was wonderful), an amazing pasta sauce with a veggie soup stock base, hand-made ravioli and spaghetti, and an apple syrup (for deserts or pancakes, or well… to just eat).  😀  It’s a great chance for everyone to make some incredible food, gab away, and just feel at home.

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