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Slumbering Giant

I’m so relieved that it is warming up enough here that I can get back to photographing what I love…  LIFE!

Here is one of the beautiful old trees in our front yard.  Magnificent!  So strong, yet so fragile.

I love trees.  They thrill me to no end.  I look at them, enthralled, and know that deity is not some imagined illusion.  It is ever-present:  constant, but not unchanging… like the seasons.

Everything is connected.

Some may think I’m a little nutty… and that’s okay.  🙂  Belief can make fools of us all, but it also can make us better than we could ever be without it.

So with that?  Here’s one of my trees.  Mine in the sense that I love it, and that it resides in our yard…

beautiful old tree, slumbering through the winter

Slumbering Giant

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