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Mmmmmm…. We Made Monkey Wraps!

Monkey Wraps, with banana, peanut butter, and chocolate

Monkey Wraps are something I came up with several years ago now.  Others have come up with similar ideas (I’ve seen something like them called a breakfast wrap once about a year ago now), but any way you slice them, they’re an excellent breakfast, lunch, or snack table staple for little hands and mouths.

Now that Lily-Ann is four, she makes these herself – with supervision…  which makes them even better than if I’d done them.  🙂  And seriously, if a preschooler can put them together, you know you should be able to.

This is a four ingredient meal that is excellent in lunch boxes, for an after school snack, for breakfast on the go, or for anytime you need something simple yet relatively healthful.  All you need are 8″ wraps, bananas, peanut butter, and a chocolate spread.  We really like using organic bananas as they taste WAY better, and we prefer peanut butters that are nuts ONLY (without the extra ingredients).  The chocolate spread and the banana give plenty of sweetness without needing a peanut butter with sugar in it.

the kid's wrap, prior to wrapping it

Above, you can see what the inside of the kid’s wrap looked like before wrapping it up.  Put as little or as much of the chocolate spread and the peanut butter as you like.  I usually leave the bananas whole, but Lily-Ann likes to break hers into pieces.  Either way works.

a little smear of peanut butter will help seal the wrap

This one is mine…  part way closed.  Take a look at the edge – it’s a trick I use when making ANY type of wrap.  Use a little bit of peanut butter (or in a savory wrap use mayo or cream cheese) along the edge.  When you wrap it up, it will help seal it closed so it doesn’t pop open when you let go.

Slice them into pieces.  I find thirds works perfect for little ones – but for a bite size snack on a tray cut them into one inch thick rounds and serve them with a variety of other finger foods.  And enjoy!

the girlie, chowing down on a monkey wrap

Chowing Down!

I LURVE me some kitchen gadgets!

Okay, I have to share.  We have a couple of new toys in our house and I LURVE them.  LOL  And just like when I find a new local business I love, when I find a new product I love, I just can’t help but gush over it.  Thanks to Yule and Christmas, we’ve got two!

On Yule, Damon and Lily-Ann bought me a little gadget for the kitchen.  Damon thought it would be hit or miss, that I’d either love it or think he’d gone off his rocker…  but the girlie?  She knew this was THE thing to get.  And she was right. I love my BabyCakes cupcake maker.  Kid kid and I have sooo much fun making cupcakes by the dozens.

babycakes cupcake maker

Cupcakes that normally take 20 – 25 minutes in a regular oven are done in six minutes.  SIX MINUTES!  Do you know how many cupcakes you can make when they get done THAT quickly?  The first time we went totally overkill.  LOL  We ended up with several dozen of them, and I had to learn real quick how to store them.  Now we know better how to pace ourselves.  I’m looking forward to making muffins, mini-pies, quiches, and I’m also going to try pancake batter.  I figure pancake batter with a buttercream/maple syrup icing would be amazing!  And can you imagine with a little sliver of bacon on the top for garnish?  Like how cute would that be?  Breakfast pancakes.  LOL

Yes, I’m THAT grrrl.

The other super cool gadget we got for Christmas (we asked my parent’s for it, and they lovingly obliged) was a Sodastream pop maker.  Have you heard of these things yet?  If not, you absolutely MUST look into them.  My husband drinks a lot of pop, drives me batty.  It’s so unhealthy.  But this little gadget works with CO2 canisters to turn regular old tap water into carbonated water.  From there the possibilities are almost endless!

sodastream starter pack

By adding their syrups you can create any number of soda pop types.  I’ve yet to find one that isn’t BETTER than the ready made store brands.  Their cola and gingerale are both wonderful.  But I’ll admit, my favourite so far is the Green Tea Pomegranate Peach.  I’m not a pop drinker normally.  I’ll have a sip here or there of something carbonated, but I generally avoid the stuff.  But this?  Oh my goodness!!!  Sooo good!

green tea pomegranate peachAnd even better?  You can add just about anything to your fresh, homemade, carbonated water.  Things like fresh squeezed juice or berries!  Just a dash of lemon is divine!  And it’s sooo much healthier AND better for the planet.  I’m really hoping this is going to help my husband turn over a new healthy green leaf.

So yeah!  Two awesome kitchen gadgets well worth checking out.  And both are easy enough to use that kid-kid (who is four and a half) can use them.  So yay!  Just click on any of the images above to go to their respective websites.  No, I’m not getting any kick backs for sharing, and yes, I just snagged the images off their websites (but uploaded them here – no bandwidth stealing).  Yeah, okay…  I’m a total dork, but I just LURVE getting awesome new gadgets, and these two are total winners in my book!

Collective Kitchen!

The Lentil Ladies were at it again today.  🙂  We made a lovely vegetarian shepherds pie with celery, red peppers, carrots, lentils, quinoa, and topped with sweet potatoes.  We also did a sweet potato and squash soup.  Cooked up some whole wheat bagels, and baked some delightful vegan chocolate raspberry cupcakes.  Mmmmmmmm…..  good good good.

Here are the kids all helping to clean up afterwards.  😀  Love that they all shared the vacuum.

kids helping clean up

Collective Kitchen Clean-up

Making Soup

a Magnetix tower

A Magnetix Kinda Hour

So…  for lunch the wee girlie and I made soup.  This is what we built while we weren’t standing over the stove.  🙂

The Lentil Ladies

Our Collective Kitchen Group - The Lentil Ladies

The Lentil Ladies

Welcome to our Collective Kitchen group.  We’re the Lentil Ladies.  🙂

From the left we are Janice, Colleen, Sarah (our group leader), Riki (my sister), and Michelle.

We get together once a month to cook vegetarian meals for our families.  Today we made Dahl (which was wonderful), an amazing pasta sauce with a veggie soup stock base, hand-made ravioli and spaghetti, and an apple syrup (for deserts or pancakes, or well… to just eat).  😀  It’s a great chance for everyone to make some incredible food, gab away, and just feel at home.

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