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Family Photography at Dusk

Dusk is a time of day often neglected by photographers.  The poor light tends to cause folk of our ilk to shy away in favour of brighter times, especially considering dusk is shortly after the “golden hour” with it’s beautiful warming rays.  However, dusk can be a lovely time to shoot.

The low light of dusk creates images reminiscent of yesteryear, with it’s last filtered rays of sunshine…  It is exceptionally moody, creating romance and intrigue.  Especially during the late Autumn or early Winter when rosy cheeks and noses only add to the feeling of crispness.  Here are a few photos from a recent shoot to inspire you to get out there and create during this mostly ignored time of day:

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My thanks to the St. Onge family for braving the chilly air in search of these shots.  It was a pleasure working with you!

Sometimes totally uncool things happen to generally cool people.

Well…  we did it.  Yep.  Never, ever thought this would be me.  If you’d ever asked me if one day I’d be one of those people, I’d have denied it with much fervour.  Yet here we are.

I’m doing my best to convince myself that while it wasn’t what we WANTED it is what we NEEDED.  It makes sense.  It was the logical choice.  We may not like it, but it was the only choice.

It’s just that it’s SOOOO not cool.  Not even remotely cool.

I try not to think about it.  However I can’t help but look at it with a little disgust…  It’s not us, yet here we are…  the, embarrassed to admit it, owners of a station wagon.

I hang my head in shame, but there is no denying it.  When SGI paid us out on Friday, we already knew it was likely what would happen.  And by noon today we were test driving a 2003 Ford Taurus SE Wagon.

The beast drives really well.  It’s nice and smooth…  and you can ALMOST forget about the fact that it’s butt end is so darn ugly while you’re inside it.  Almost.

At it’s most basic, it’s the same vehicle we had before.  The Ford Taurus and the Mercury Sable really are one and the same in almost all respects, and it’s even silver – the same colour our Sable was.  Which has already caused a few giggles from friends and family.  But when they realize it’s a wagon, they all say the same thing:  (awkward pause, often with a foot shuffle or a shrug of the shoulders)  “They aren’t THAT bad.”

It really is though…  THAT bad.

the butt end of our "new to us" station wagon

But here we are.  Whether or not I LIKE it, it is what makes sense for us.  Basically the same vehicle we had before (six years newer) and with a WHOLE lot more cargo room.  Now, if kid-kid wants to start coming with my sister and I to dog shows, we have the space to bring her along.  Now if we want to go camping or head out to wherever we feel like going, we have room to pack up all the dogs and just go.  Now we won’t be stuck at home all year round because we can’t leave all the dogs and have no way to take them with us.  I may not like a wagon, I may not have wanted a wagon, but a wagon makes sense for us.  So I’m going to learn to like a wagon.

Maybe it’s not so bad?

the beast, viewed from the front

Cosplay – kinda cool or creepy and weird?

I have to admit to being in somewhat of an odd mood just now…  Had a couple things I was considering writing about, but in the end, I’m just too uncommitted to any of them to make a compelling argument either way.  Cosplay for example…  kinda cool or creepy and weird?  I’m honestly undecided.

On the kinda cool side we have this:

Rainbow Dash, FiM, cosplay

And this:

MLP, FiM, Rainbow Dash cosplay

Okay, yes…  they’re both Rainbow Dash from FiM, but let’s face it.  She makes everything at least 20% cooler.  😉

Now, on the creepy and weird side we have this:

really creepy full body Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack furry cosplay costumes

And while yes, it may feature Rainbow Dash along side Apple Jack…  even the typical coolness factor of RD couldn’t save this.  Yep.  Just way too creepy and weird.

Now because all three examples were from My Little Pony (ya had to know that if I was going to do a post on cosplay, it would mainly feature the characters from Friendship is Magic), I’ll toss one more out there.  Now, prepare yourselves.  This last image takes the cake on both the weird and the creepy.  No idea what this person was thinking, nor what character she’s attempting to portray from what show, book, or what-have-you…  but here she is (and don’t say I didn’t warn you):







…had to give you one last chance to turn away.

Here it is:

creepy, weird, totally not cool cosplay

So…  while I think cosplay has the potential to be fun and harmless, there are folks like this poor individual who just take it to the creepy and weird level.  And it really is a whole NEW level of creepy and weird, thus ruining it for anyone who may be a fence sitter on the whole idea.  Because seriously, anyone who thinks THAT is awesome?  Well…  I think they may need some serious help (and I do hope they have someone in their life qualified to give just that).

Yep.  I’m just in that kinda head space.  Not committing one way or another.  Just trying to get my head around something I stumbled upon and not really sure where it all fits.

I was only able to track down a credit for one of these four images, so if you know who the others belong to, or you’re willing to own up them being yours, drop me a line and let me know.  I’m a firm believer in giving credit where it’s due.  In that spirit, the second image (the Rainbow Dash with the longer hair and rainbow arm bands) is Aisu, who does some great MLP inspired artwork which can be found here:

The Sims Social

Okay, I’ll admit it.  In fact, I’m not afraid of, or in denial of my geekdom.  So I’ll openly, and without hesitation, admit to the fact that I’m now happily logging time playing the new Facebook game, The Sims Social.

Once upon a time I wasn’t a geek.  I wasn’t a dork.  I wasn’t a nerd.  I wasn’t any of those things.  I was actually pretty popular.  I cared about my hair and make-up.  I insisted on having the latest looks, and bought into EVERY fad (even those that now make me roll my eyes at having to admit to them – things like pants that had no button or snap but instead had a freakin’ padlock, or those ridiculous hypercolour shirts that revealed bodyheat by changing colour).  But in my not-so-youthfulness I’ve taken quite well to the I’m-totally-cool-in-my-geekitude role.  Thus, I come to you today with my new found time waster.

Way back when, The Sims were new…  and I realize this may date me, but heck, I freely and openly share my age, so why would I shy away from doing so this time.  So, anyway…  The Sims were new.  It was Y2K, and the computers hadn’t destroyed our world as so many predicted would happen.  The year 2000 was a month in, and The Sims were brand spankin’ new.  The Sims changed the face of gaming.  Previously reserved for folks very different from myself, The Sims really were my first foray into a whole world of geek-delights.  I wasn’t yet a geek myself, but it was my first taste of a whole new world.

It is with a sense of nostalgia that I first clicked on the advertisement for The Sims on FB a little more than 24 hours ago.  And it is with that same nostalgia that I find myself continuing to play.  I’d actually forgotten how fun it was.  It’s not as complex as the original Sim world, not as customizable…  but it’s kinda fun to be able to play with your real world friends. Who knows how long it will hold my attention, but for now – while I’m sick with a cold and not able to do much without fighting exhaustion – it’s a bit of mild amusement.

The Sims Social, a screenshot from the game on Facebook

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