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Rocking Chair Project

The wee girlie got a new rocking chair a couple of days ago.  Really pretty little thing.  🙂  So…  what’s a crafty mom to do, but create a cushion and lap blanket to match.  Pillow coming soon.  😉

new rocking chair, with a mom-made cushion and lap blanket.

Perfect for the Wee Girlie

A New Dress for Lily-Ann

As a crafty type, and an environmentalist, I really enjoy working with repurposed items.  So, when I found a tattered old peasant style dress in a bin of things on their way out of my parents house, I grabbed it.  The dress was a size small ladies, in a really unattractive cut.  LOL  But the fabric was a beautiful cotton, wearing through in places, but still lovely.  I couldn’t resist turning it into something new and lovely for the wee girlie.  So here she is…  spinning and LOVING her new “princess dress”.  😀

Lily-Ann in her new dress


The wee girlie in her pretty new princess dress.


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