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Screw the criticizing eye of the masses

Screw the criticizing eye of the masses.

Screw the throng that claims big = bad.

Screw Vogue and Teen Vogue (do they still even publish T.V.?).

Screw the Hollywood version of beauty, stuffed down your throat till you gag.

Screw all those who would have you believe that size two is too large.

Screw all those who believe airbrushed is better.

Embrace your body, whatever it’s size.

Thin is not in.  I’ll embrace my 15 thank you very much, I can’t imagine a 5.

Your body is yours.

Celebrate it!

Love it!

In it’s imperfection can be found it’s perfection.

Stretch marks, lines, muffin top, mother’s apron, scars, all lines on a map well traveled.

Love yourself.  Love your body.

10, 15, 20 or more….  sizes, not scores.

This isn’t golf.  No birdies, no hole in one.

Just bodies, worth loving… whether the size is high or low.

Be healthy, be happy, embrace who you are.

tiny = happiness?

tiny = satisfaction?

tiny = joy?

tiny = fulfillment?

tiny = hunger.

tiny = appetites ignored.

tiny = sadness.

tiny = suppression.

Give me big, give me beautiful, give me curves, give me style.

Be happy, be satisfied.

Love your body, celebrate your size.

Embrace yourself, lumps bumps and all.


…and, well, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

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