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A vegan cake, a birthday dinner, and an absentee brother…

The title about says it all.

Today the girlie and I had a ton of fun making cakes.  We did up two 8×8 vegan cakes, a white and a chocolate.  When they’d cooled we made some frosting, and the wee girlie decorated to her hearts content.  I wrote my brothers name on the cake, and she drew an alligator… both of which were promptly covered in sprinkles and little candies.

Being the age that he is though, the birthday boy never made an appearance.  I can’t be too upset though…  it’s not like we actually made plans for tonight.  I just kinda hoped he’d come be home.  So Damon, the girlie, Marie, Jewles, Ron, Steven, and our friend Shaun all enjoyed Wilson’s birthday dinner and his birthday cake.  It was good.  Don’t worry though.  We saved him some.  😉

The cake.

A peek inside the cake.

If you are interested in the recipes I used here they are:

Chocolate Layer –

White Layer –

The icing was just a simple icing sugar frosting.  🙂

Night all!

Happy birthday Wilson.  We missed seeing you tonight.  Love you loads, and hope you’re having a fabulous birthday with your friends.

Happy birthday Dad.  We missed seeing you too.  Hope you are having the time of your life in Cuba with mom.  Love you lots.  We’ll see you when you get home.

cough… cough

I’ve had a lingering cough for weeks now.  Just can’t seem to shake it.  And as of tonight?  It’s gotten worse.  I had my cold, not fair that I may end up with another.  I guess that’s what I get for having the wee girlie in school…  all the germs that go with it.  LOL  Oh boy.

cough…  cough…

Totally not cool.

No pictures…  took some…  but don’t feel like uploading just now.


Got some cute ones of the girlie.

cough…  cough.


Time to load up on the echinacea again.

Wasn’t coughing all day like this, thankfully.  This just started at about 8 pm.  So was able to make a nice supper (roasted a chicken – with stuffing, carrots, potatoes, and corn).  Will make soup for lunch tomorrow, for which the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  LOL


night all

cough… cough.

Billy Miner Pie

It is Damon and my anniversary today.  Together for 14 years, married for four.  We were married on our tenth anniversary during Inudoshi (the year of the dog).  Every year we celebrate by going to The Keg…  it’s the only day of the year we go, so it remains a rare treat.

Billy Miner Pie

We always share a slice of Billy Miner Pie for desert…  Mocha  ice cream on a chocolate cookie crumb crust, covered with almond slivers, and drizzled with fudge and caramel.  Soooooo  goooood.

If you’ve never had a slice, it’s worth a trip just for it.

Wheel me out... I'm done. 😉

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