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Dog Owner PSA

Seriously folks…  if you are walking your dog, how hard is it to take a bag along with you?  Come on.

Here in Saskatoon we have lost the privilege of taking our dogs with us to some of our parks.  No dogs signs are abundant by the river and in Kinsmen Park.  And if people can’t clean up after their dogs we are likely to lose other parks as well.  It stinks (literally and figuratively).

So please, take a bag with you…  clean up after your dog.  It only takes a second.  And yeah, it’s not fun to carry around a bag of poo…  but it’s better than the alternative.

Did I have to take a picture of the turd we had to walk around today?  Nope.  But a good blog post includes a photo.  LMAO  I’m trying to be a good blogger.  😉


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