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Puppy Breath!

The title of this blog posts suggests something restorative and miraculous to anyone who’s life has gone to the dogs (in a positive way).  To those of us involved in the hobby that is pure bred dogs,  puppy breath carries with it the ability to transport one from the mundane to the amazing.  One breath of that sweet, innocent, goodness just makes everything better.  So to what do we owe this particular blog post title?  To Marnie, the Chihuahua puppy.  🙂  It’s just SOOO nice to have a baby in the house again.

Puppy Breath!

On a completely unrelated note, Donny Parenteau released a new single today.  It’s called “My Girl”.  And if you haven’t heard it yet, you simply must!  He wrote it for his daughter…  and it’s a MUST HEAR for any parent.  I’m not a country music fan, but this song?  It’s worth a meander over to the O. K. saloon.  😉

Okay, so country isn’t all THAT bad.  I’m the first person to say that good music is good music, regardless of genre.  And this is one of the few tunes to come out in a good long while that deserves attention – regardless of the genre you prefer.  So, that said, here’s a link to the video on youtube (watch for my dad, Blaine Yandt, he’ll be the extraordinary musician  on bass).

A good day…

We had a nice day today.  Lily-Ann and I played in the yard, enjoying the first day of sun we’ve had in quite some time.  Later we went to the “little tiny library”, the Mayfair branch.  It’s nice to have one so close to home.  It has quickly become the wee girlie’s favourite branch, and I have to admit, it’s one of my favourite’s too…  even before we moved to the area and it became the closest branch.  We ended our day with an evening out.

Donny Parenteau is doing a high school tour,  spreading a message of hope.  Letting teens know that if they work hard enough at it, that dreams can come true.  His tour is all about being true to yourself, and believing in the power of dreams.  A message well worth  spreading.

I’ve blogged about the fact that my dad plays with Donny before…  and having your dad in the band does have special perks.  Like tonight.  😀  At the concert (part of the school tour), Lily-Ann had asked Pop Pop and Donny to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Well, instead of just playing it for her, Donny calls her up on stage.  My sister Jewles jumped up and swept the wee girlie onto the stage, and Lily-Ann made her big music debut.  How many other toddlers do you know that have been invited up to sing during a concert?  😉  Pretty cool.

antique faded photo

Princess Lily

Scrapbook Date

Once a week I get together with my friend Dani…  We work on our scrapbooking projects, and just yak for a few hours.  It always feels great, and it’s a much needed outlet.  Here’s a snapshot of what I worked on today:

You are my sunshine, scrapbook page

"You are my sunshine..."

I’m working on my wedding album (yes, for the wedding that occurred in 2006.  yes, I know it’s 2010… why do you think I’m working on it???).  This particular page is about my little sister and my grandfathers fiddle.

Marie sang us her favorite song, “You are my sunshine”.  Marie is VERY special to me, so special that I named my wee girlie after her:  Lily-Ann Marie.  So to have Marie get up in front of everyone during the dance to sing for us meant the world.  And to make it even more special, my Dad played guitar, and Donny played my grandfather’s fiddle.  My grandfather left this world when I was just a kid, I never knew him well…  but his music speaks for him in my life.  It was a gift he gave all of us, and I’ll be ever grateful.  So…  for Donny to play his fiddle at my wedding was like having a piece of my family there, that otherwise wouldn’t have been.  I was fine during the entire day, but for that song I teared up.  It was truly wonderful.

Thank you Marie!

Thank you Dad!

Thank you Grandpa!

Thank you Donny Parenteau!

Having you all there made our day extra special.

Sorry for the odd tilt in the photo…  was using my blackberry, and was trying to avoid reflections on the photographs.

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