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Walked into the yard today to have eight or nine dragonflies take flight around me.  It was a pretty amazing moment.  I quickly (smoothly, and quietly – so as not to alarm them any further) handed my husband my purse and asked him to bring me my camera.  Thankfully he grabbed it for me as I knew if I had to run into the house myself for it, and then come back out, that they’d likely all be gone when I returned.  Two of them stayed near by, and I was able to shoot them from just inches away.  It was pretty awesome… and as much as I would have liked to have shared the moment, I was thankful to be outside by myself with them.  Just me, the dragonflies, and my camera.  🙂

I’m still going through an indecisive period with my photography.  Normally I can glance through my shots and pick a favourite with ease…  but again today.  Just couldn’t choose.  So here are four that I really liked.  Hope you’ll give me your preference.  I really do love hearing from all of you.

Dragonfly - shot one

Dragonfly - shot two

Dragonfly - shot three

Dragonfly - shot four

So…  which is your pick for photo of the day?

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