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Rion Sabean and the Men-Ups

Okay, I realize I’ve already posted once tonight…  but this is just too fabulous to sit on!

A friend turned me onto this fellows work.  Unfortunately it’s too late to get one of his men-ups calendars, they’ve sold out, but I freaking love this series and everything it has to say about the absolute ridiculous nature of pin-up photography  LURVE these!

Rusty:  April's pin-up

Oh Rusty, with your bright white socks and shoes, grunged up forehead, and duck-face.  You are just too fabulous for words!

Seriously people, you have no idea how many women request this pose during boudoir shoots, and you have no idea how FEW individuals it actually flatters.  On Rusty though, our pin-up model for April (my birth month) it actually looks pretty good.

Keep up the good work Rion Sabean.  The best photography makes us think, and this series achieves that spectacularly!

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