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That Freakin’ Ear Troll is Resilient!

Unfortunately the “ear troll” is raging once more…  It had gotten to the point that the pain had subsided.  I still had all the other symptoms, but at least the pain had gotten under control.  Unfortunately I finished my last antibiotic pills on the weekend, and it wasn’t long after that the pain started to creep back in.  I’m on an antibiotic ear drop now, but it looks like I may end up needing a referral to a specialist as the pain is still escalating.  As always, I’ll keep y’all posted on how things are going.  I am feeling super frustrated though.  This has been going on since the fifth, and it’s now the 31st – that’s almost an entire month for something most folk get over within a week.  Clearly something isn’t right.  😦  The good news though?  The doctor said that my right eardrum looks really good, that it’s weathered it all really well, and he’s positive it will make it through without long term damage (the news isn’t so bright for the left – which is the one which is perforated and causing the most pain).  As always though, I’m determined to focus on the positive.  🙂  Now to text the hubby and see if he’ll heat up the “rice sock” so I can apply a nice warm compress while I wait for some pain killers to kick in.  😉

Nasty Little Ear Troll!

Just stopping by briefly, in too much pain to do more.  Splitting ear ache.  Feels like there’s a little troll in my ear canal with a pick axe and big freakin’ hammer going to town, screaming at the top of his lungs the whole time.  Can’t really concentrate on anything else, and have tried all the natural remedies I have available to me here.  If I can make it through to morning it looks like I’ll be hitting the minor emergency clinic.  😦

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