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Some people do rotten things… :(

Today should have been a good day…  but it’s been downright lousy.  Woke up early in the morning to discover that someone had stolen our bikes, all three of them.  Even the girlie’s bike.  What kind of person steals a little kids very first bike?  That’s just so not cool in any way, shape, or form.

Want a look back at a few blog posts featuring our bikes?  Including a video of the girlie trying one out in the store?  Click this link:

We really do love our bikes, and it hurts knowing that someone actually planned this out and executed it with at least two or three people.  Our bikes were all locked up together.  Mine is an electric-assist bike and is heavy and hard to move when the key isn’t in and the battery isn’t turned on.  Damon’s had a flat tire.  It looks like they must have moved them, all still hooked together…  as we couldn’t find any evidence that they’d cut the lock or chain before taking them.  It’s all just speculation, but we figure they probably saw them on Halloween, and put their plan into motion on Sunday night.

Happy Monday to us!

Mine was the first bike I’d owned as an adult.  It’s my vehicle.  It’s how I drive me and my daughter around for three of four seasons.  I love my bike.  It may not be pretty, it’s big, bulky, heavy, and difficult to get started…  but it’s mine.  My silver bullet.  It was a big purchase for us, and means a lot to me.

Damon’s bike was a gift from his Grandma before she passed away.  It’s a gorgeous bright red, 21 speed Schwinn mountain bike that she had special ordered for him.  At the time it was worth more than the car we drove.  It makes us think of her every time we take it out.  It cannot be replaced.

Lily-Ann’s bike was the result of several trips to several stores, where she tried bike after bike.  Hours spent riding (or trying to ride) bikes down store aisles before finding one that was just perfect for her.  And then the decision making going back and forth between the two colour options…  race car or princess carriage…  It was a long hard choice for her, and she loves her bike and is sooo proud of it.  This just breaks my heart.

So…  please keep your eyes open for us.  If you hear of someone who recently got a used bike (maybe they bought it through an acquaintance, maybe they found it ditched somewhere) or if you see a few bikes chained together in someones yard that look like ours…  please let us know.  Our house insurance will cover some of the loss…  but honestly?  I just want our bikes back.  I don’t want new ones.  We love our bikes, they mean a lot to us.


Our new rig…

YAY!  I’m a happy mommy today.  🙂  After much research and deliberation we purchased a new-to-us electric-assist bike (sometimes called an e-bike, or an electric bicycle) and a toddler-towing-bike-trailer.  We got a super good deal on the used electric-assist bike and found the trailer on sale.  So for a total of less than $450 we have a second vehicle.  Granted, it’s only going to be good for half the year… but still!  No GHG emissions, and an easy way for me and the girlie to get around during the day.  I’m excited!

Here’s Damon and Lily-Ann putting the trailer together in the front yard during sunset.  The wee girlie and I went around the block four times after it was all put together and hooked up – just to test it out.  🙂  It’s awesome!  Can’t wait to get out and about.  😀

wee girlie and her daddy putting the new bike trailer together

Our new rig. 😀

On a totally unrelated note:  I can’t believe it’s April 5th already!  Jeepers.  Where the heck has this year gone?  Soon it will be time for my mom and me to celebrate our birthdays, then it will be the Green Party of Saskatchewan’s AGM, and not long after that we’ll be full swing into Summer.  Jeepers.  I just don’t know where the time has gone.  Wow.

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