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Making a World of Change

I have always believed in doing what I can to make things better.  Well…  no…  scratch that.  In my ADULT life, I have always believed in doing what I can to make things better (let’s face it, we weren’t all philanthropic teens, in fact I’d venture to say a lot of us were pretty self-serving at that age, but we grow, we change, we learn).  But even as adults not all people believe in trying to make things better for others, not everyone believes in leaving the world better than we found it.  So when I come across people who are doing their best to improve things?  It always warms my heart.

I had a discussion via FB with a fellow MomWriter yesterday.  She was venting, and was tired of people telling her she was too idealistic, tired of being told that it wasn’t worth trying so hard.  I shared a little of my personal philosophy on why folks are often so ready and willing to give up.

There’s this whole idea out there that we should “think globally”, but the fact of the matter is that’s a very daunting thing to do.  How can one person really make a difference when there is soooo much wrong with (and in) our world.  One person is not going to make a difference on a global scale.  What we need to do is to teach people to think locally.  You may not be able to change the entire world, but you can change the world for ONE person in ONE situation.

Do what you can, in your home, in your neighbourhood, for those you encounter in your day to day life.  Stop that kid from being picked on.  Pick up the trash on your street.  Start a recycling program at your workplace or in your school.  Plant garlic in that abandoned lot two blocks down.

You don’t need to change the world to make a world of change in the lives of those around you.  THAT is what we should focus on.  And with enough people doing that?  We really can change the world.  We just need to do it, one person, one block, one neighbourhood at a time.

"be the change"

Slumbering Giant

I’m so relieved that it is warming up enough here that I can get back to photographing what I love…  LIFE!

Here is one of the beautiful old trees in our front yard.  Magnificent!  So strong, yet so fragile.

I love trees.  They thrill me to no end.  I look at them, enthralled, and know that deity is not some imagined illusion.  It is ever-present:  constant, but not unchanging… like the seasons.

Everything is connected.

Some may think I’m a little nutty… and that’s okay.  🙂  Belief can make fools of us all, but it also can make us better than we could ever be without it.

So with that?  Here’s one of my trees.  Mine in the sense that I love it, and that it resides in our yard…

beautiful old tree, slumbering through the winter

Slumbering Giant

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