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Frying Pan to the Brain Pan

Any time you share close quarters with another human being, there will be times when you’d like to take a frying pan to their brain pan.  People get on each others nerves.  It’s just the way it is.  What makes a relationship work, is knowing that you can make it beyond those kinds of moments.

When it comes to the important things, you need to be able to see eye to eye.  But those little things – that usually don’t matter?  Those are the things that will drive you insane.

  • You like to sit down and work at a task, from start to finish.  Power through.  Getter done.  Be done, and put it all away.
  • They like to putz a little with this, then work on something else.  Take a break.  Play a game.  Go back to the first thing for a while.
  • You like to get everything done with time to spare so you can relax after the rushing around.
  • They like to take their time, fiddling with things here and there, then go crazy in a dash of speed at the last possible minute.
  • You like to have a plan.  To set things out.  To know what’s going to happen when, so you don’t feel stressed, and know what’s coming next.
  • They don’t like to think about what’s coming.  Just tackle things as they come.  Do things when they feel like it, and let the rest fall wherever it happens to.

Yeah…  those little differences.

You can let those differences drive you nuts to the point where it can drive a wedge between you.  Or you can just take a breath, and know that sometimes things will go your way, and sometimes things will go theirs.

We all let frustration get the better of us some days.  But as long as you express that frustration, and let it out before it turns into anger, then it’s a lot easier to deal with.  Some days though, some days it gets to the anger point.  And honestly?  I figure you might as well get one good yell out, and then move on.  Bottle things up, and you’ll end up with trouble.

Anger really is a wasted emotion.  You don’t think straight, and you can’t accomplish anything when you are all bent out of whack.  So let it go.  Honestly?  As nuts as they make you, you probably make them at LEAST as nutty.  So get angry, but then let it go.  It’s not worth holding onto.  And the longer you hold onto it?  The worse YOU will feel.

Let it go.  Take a breath.  And remind yourself…  chances are, there are worse things out there.  I for one, feel much better facing those “worse things” with my best friend at my side (even if he does drive me absolutely batty from time to time).

Being that it’s Father’s Day…

I figured I’d try to keep on topic.  But I’m also going to try to be brief.  After working 13+ hour days from Friday through Saturday, and then being busy today too… well…  I’m wiped right out.

Today (after a photo shoot at the U of S) we headed to my parents place to celebrate Father’s day with my husband and my Dad.  It was a pleasant surprise to find my Grampa there too.  As I shared pictures of our puppies (who are now four weeks old) I realized that this might be the perfect opportunity to share the blog post I made in his honour.  So I did just that.

I tried not to spy, as Grampa read through my words.  But I noticed him tearing up, pulling out his old cloth hanky to wipe his eyes and quietly blow his nose.  Afterwards he took the laptop in to Grandma Joan (who was sitting in the other room playing a game on the Wii with my parents and siblings) so she could read it too.

Grampa came back into the kitchen, where I was sitting, and relayed a few memories from some of our camping trips when I was a wee thing.  I’m glad he got the chance to read it.  And of all the days he could have read it on, I’m glad it was today.

Grampa gave me an extra tight squeeze, and a kiss on the cheek when he left.  And Grandma Joan said she thought that it was a lovely thing I’d written about him.  It was a good Fathers Day.  🙂

Haven’t read my post about my Grampa?  Head on over HERE to do so.

So, here’s my thank you.  To my Dad, to my Grampa, to all the men out there who love, nurture, protect and respect their children.  Who give us the space we need to grow, but the guidance to do so safely.  Who are steadfast, true, and ever present – even when we (in the moment) may wish they weren’t.  Who hold us tightly in their hearts, and in their arms too.  To all of you, THANK YOU!  We wouldn’t be who we are without you.  You are appreciated, and what you do matters.  Happy Father’s Day!

Are you exhausting?

Some folks are absolutely exhausting. And I don’t mean in the way that the girlie is exhausting (where she’ll tire you out, but you are left feeling nothing but love).  I mean put your soul through the wringer, tough to deal with, leave you wanting to sleep for six days straight, exhausting.  I would say “you know who you are”, but I’m not really sure that’s the case.

I’m sure some folks know that they are super demanding and tough to deal with, but I’m also sure there are at least as many out there who have no idea.  And they may be people you love, but they just leave you feeling like you have nothing left to offer yourself (let alone anyone else).  So how do you know if you leave folks wanting to crawl into a hole for days on end?  I’m not sure.  Gads!  I hope I’m not one of those people.  Would you tell me if I were???

I’ll admit, I’m high maintenance when it comes to romantic relationships.  I’m hard on Damon, I expect a lot from him, but I do try to make sure he knows how much I appreciate and love him.  I don’t let a day go by without both saying it and showing it.  So I may be high maintenance, but I don’t think I’m a soul-leech.

So.  How do you know if you are a drain on others?  And why am I stuck on this topic tonight?  LOL  Well…  I’m feeling drained, and it just got me thinking about it.  I normally love pretty much everything about photography, even the business end of things.  But every so often you run into a client that just leaves you feeling like you are laying out in the desert, burned out to the point where even the scavengers aren’t interested in trying to chew through your weathered, leathery skin.  Even one email just leaves you tired.  But I certainly wouldn’t give it up.

For that ONE person, there’s got to be at least a dozen (if not two or three dozen) people who just make it all so worth while.  Families so full of love that it spills out to all those around them.  People with spirits so vibrant that I fear I’ll need to buy a special filter for my camera so they don’t leave it damaged.  Couples so delightful that they’d brighten even the cloudiest days, by simply chasing the drizzles away with their radiant smiles.

So yeah…  I’m worn out tonight, beat, tired.  Or, well…  I was.  But then I remembered all the incredible folks who make it SOOO very worth it.  And now?  I’m sitting here grinning like an idiot.  An idiot who is completely content and happy with her lot in life.

Night all!


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