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Goodbye Christmas!

Well…  looks like the holiday season has come and gone.

First we bid a goodbye to Yule.  Then it was so long Christmas Eve.  Followed by a fare thee well to Christmas.  A “don’t care where ya go, but you can’t stay here” to Boxing Day.  Then today it was our family feast of leftovers…  See ya next year!

It was a gooder, full of fond memories (and some crummy breaks too – gotta love a holiday car accident).  The holiday season of 2011 will be generally looked back upon with joy.  And here’s a little scrapbooking layout sharing a wee bit of our Christmas morning:

digital scrapbook layout featuring most of the Yandt clan on Christmas morning.


Pictures, beginning at the top left, are of:  Riki, Jewles and the kid,  Ron, Wilson and kid kid, my Dad and Lily-Ann, Lily and Marie, my Mom and her grandgal, and finally Steven and Lil’.  Not pictured but also present (get it? present?) were myself and Damon.  Not present, but loved none the less, my brothers Aaron and Earl.


Penguin 1st Christmas kit by Peekaboo Designs, available at Polka Dot Plum here:

It’s Miller Time!

A few days ago I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Miller family.  Full of fun and energy – with a six and three year old I’d have expected nothing less.  They were an absolute delight, and I look forward to a second session with them in the Fall.

While editing the photographs produced during the Miller’s shoot (which I am really only half way through so far), I created a new Aperture Preset.  I call it “Peachy”.  It treats the images with a light wash of colour, and is gentle to skin-tones.  Very flattering and unobtrusive.  A less harsh black and white option.  For those who have asked (after I shared on facebook) here is a photograph that’s been edited using Peachy (and yes, there is another in the gallery above):

a family of four

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