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Heels to Dawgs and back again…

Ready for a more-than-you-needed-to-know reveal?  😉  If not, you may want to skip this next part because we’re gonna talk FEET.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with heels…  mostly because beautiful, sophisticated women wore heels.  So by the time I was twelve I was a perfectionist on the matter.  I, very honestly, spent HOURS walking empty hallways perfecting the click click click of the heels as they touched the hard surface.  Not too heavy, not too light, just the right rhythm.  Hours.  Upon.  Hours.  Every week.  Remember the word obsessed?  I wasn’t exaggerating.

Fast forward to my 29th year and pregnancy.  My feet didn’t just swell a little, they BALLOONED!  And by the time my thirtieth birthday hit I couldn’t even wear flip flops.  The only shoes my feet could fit into were dawgs – and we’re talking the old school original dawgs, the butt ugly ones.  And even those, by the end of the day would leave imprints on my feet.  It was ridiculous.

Before that, I had vowed never to wear anything so nasty on my feet…  but had little choice in the matter.  We’re not a barefoot society, and it was either dawgs or nothing.  So I sucked up what little pride I had left and got used to the idea.

I’ll admit it, I’ll never be without a pair of original dawgs again.  They may be ugly as sin, but jeeze.  There is no footwear out there that is more comfortable – and they are made right here in Saskatoon.  Thankfully, the company has expanded and is now producing a whole line up of much better looking shoes.  From sandals to boots to ballet flats to golf cleats and even reinforced work boots with firestone treads.  Yep.  We’ve become a dawgs family.  Even Damon owns two pairs.  Of course, the girl and I each own five or six different styles.  LMAO  But there is still nothing that can compare to a pretty pair of pumps.

I went years without owning a decent pair of fabulous heels.  My feet never did quite recover from pregnancy, and while I still wear a 5/6, I now need a 5/6 W (for wide).  It’s not too often you can find a pair of pumps that will fit my feet.  But last month?  I stumbled across the cutest pair while Mom, Jewles, Lily-Ann, and I were out thriftstore shopping.  I was shocked.  They are just sooo stinking cute.  And while my feet are sooo not accustomed to four inch heels, I couldn’t resist them.  Chances are they’ll only ever be worn outdoors once or twice a year…  but I’ll admit to having worn them around the house on a few occasions already.  They really do make me feel fabulous (even if they make me work in ways I’m not willing to admit to).  😉

So here they are, my very favourite pair of shoes:

my pretty black frilly pumps

my pretty, black frilly, peep toe, pumps


Now that was a fun challenge.  Who’d a’thunk “your shoes” would be such a gooder.  😉

photo a day challenge for january

Welcome to the World, Little!

I headed to the hospital tonight to bring my cousin a Coke slurpee.  She was in labour, and I knew she really wanted one.  Took our great big, washable, insulated cup to the Sev, and the headed to R.U.H.

Well…  While I was signing  in as an after hours guest, guess who arrived?  “Little” Craik (no name yet).  So I showed up at the room only minutes after he was born.  LOL  I totally crashed the birth, but I don’t regret it one bit!  I do feel bad that Jamie didn’t get to enjoy her slurpee during her labour, but I am oh so glad that I got to be one of the first people to welcome “Little” to the world.

He is strong, healthy, and beautiful…  and will never lack for love.  😀

"Little" Craik's little parts.

"Little" Craik's Little Piggies!

For family and friends of “Little”, I’ve got an entire album posted at facebook already.  😀

Congratulations Mommy and Daddy!  Welcome to the most amazing adventure you’ll ever be lucky enough to be a part of.


The snow had all but melted from our yard (only one small pile that, in a previous life had been an enormous snow bank, remained)…  then, fresh from the heavens, it fell anew.  Not unlike a dusting of white powder frosting on a pretty cake, it dusted our prairie meadow of a lawn.  So, today when my husband and daughter walked out the door, the two of them left lovely little tracks in the snow.  There would have been something amiss, had I not taken a small moment to capture those footprints.

father's and daughter's footprints in the snow


I have to admit, I would have preferred the image in colour.  But having captured it with my BlackBerry Pearl, there was just no correcting the haze of colour over the snow.  And it was really bothering the eyes.  So I dumped it into a black and white filter in iPhoto.  LOL  …And just like that, no more weird colour washes on the fresh white snow.  😉  It’s the lazy man’s colour correction.  😀

Pretty Piggies

First a bit of background.

When the wee girlie was a week and a day shy of her first birthday I gave her a pedicure – her first pedicure.  Her perfect little pink toes with the prettiest metallic pink polish (my favorite polish).  I then did mine to match.  Our matching “piggies” just begged to be captured, so I happily obliged.  What resulted is one of my favorite photographs of my daughter and I…  and all that’s in it is our toes.

Today, Lily-Ann asked to do her own toenails – for the first time.  She picked the polish, and covered her freshly bathed piggies in cotton candy pink.  She then proceeded to marinate my toes in a metallic blue.  Again…  our piggies begged to be captured.  THAT is today’s photograph.

The original "piggie" photograph from July 12th 2008.

The Original, July 12/08 - Nikon D70

Piggies in a row, today.

Pretty Piggies in a Row, Jan 6/10 - Nikon D70

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