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Well…  initially I was going to share a photography preview tonight, but then I had some read/write errors with one of my hard drives.  Don’t worry, we got it all cleared up, ran out and purchased a new external drive to replace the one that (totally out of the blue) began having issues, and are transferring all photographs to the new drive now.  Unfortunately that means no photographs to share – at least not tonight.  The transfer will probably finish up in the afternoon tomorrow – it’s a big drive with a ton of photoshoots stored on it.  So…  that postpones my initial plans for tonight’s blog.  Expect pictures tomorrow.  😉

Tonight then, let’s jump on board a new meme I’ve discovered:

Happenings of the Harper Household

This week they’re discussing piercing an infant’s ears.  Wanna guess what side of the debate I fall on?  It’s no secret I’m against any type of body modification for babies/children…  hence my newest made-up word (new to the blog? I make up a lot of words):  babymodification.  It’s just like body modification but baby specific.  And it’s SOOOO not okay.

Circumcision (male or female), piercing, sexual assignment (or reassignment) surgery… none of it is okay when performed on an infant or child.  It’s not YOUR body, and these are not your choices to make.  Is it a contr0vercial subject that gets heated on all sides?  You bet.  Am I the type to back down just because my views may ruffle some feathers?  Heck no.

The one argument I see time and time again for any babymodification is that we have the right to do what we’d like with our children.  And to that, all I can ever say is:  WOW!  Seriously, just wow.  That argument just doesn’t float.  And honestly?  We don’t have the right to do as we’d please with our own children (not in all instances) – nor should we.  The law steps in on many issues when it comes to child safety, and for me?  I think that babymodification is yet another where we need to offer more protection to children vs their parents.

No matter what the argument that gets put forth, for any type of babymodification, what it really comes down to is the fact that it is not OUR body.  I have pierced ears (in fact, they are more than pierced, they have 4g spirals through them presently), I also have a tattoo, I’ve also undergone breast surgery (reduction, if you’re the nosy type)…  do I think I have the right to insist on ANY of these things for my child just because I’ve done them?  Heck no.  My daughter’s body is her own.  And if she makes the choice to do any of these things (or others) when she’s old enough to make those decisions for herself, then all the more power to her.  It’s her body, it’s her choice.  So it should be for every child.


There are a lot of arguments on either side of the piercing debate, but honestly that’s what it ultimately comes down to.  It’s not our right to modify our children based on our own personal preferences.  Their body, their choice.  It’s about respecting the freedoms and rights of every individual to make these decisions for themselves.  We should respect our children enough to allow them to get through childhood without unnecessary, cosmetic, modifications.


Rainbow Radio and Circumcision

So, I’m posting a little later at night than is usual for me….  but I literally just walked in the door, took my shoes off, and headed for the bedroom and my Macbook.

Tonight I was a guest on Rainbow Radio, a show hosted by my sister, Riki, and my sista from another mista, Shavonne.  I was there to talk about Camp fYrefly, all the good we are doing, and how people can get involved.  But I ended up sticking around and just taking part in the rest of their “regular scheduled programming” – which is basically whatever they feel like discussing at the time.

What we ended up talking about was actually circumcision.  A topic that, as a mommy activist, I’m very familiar with.  So it couldn’t have been more tailor made for me.  I was able to give them information that they otherwise wouldn’t have had.  Facts about infant foreskin, and how it is actually fused to the head of the penis.  How doctors actually rip it away in order to make their damaging cuts.  How this skin is there for a reason, and protects the penis from damage.  And how removing it exposes the penis tip to serious and irreversible nerve damage.  Our babies are born perfect – we scream for our girls who are forced to undergo female genital mutilation, and we should scream equally loud for our baby boys.  It’s not okay.

I gave a plug for the facebook page of Saving our Sons.  And I do highly recommend you check it out.  There is loads of information there, highly worth a look.

While I’m plugging facebook pages, make sure to check out Rainbow Radio (on CFCR Saskatoon Community Radio) – – and Camp fYrefly –

Have a great night folks!  🙂

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