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Happy 100th Post!

Well, here we are…  post 100.  LOL  Thanks for sticking with me this long.  🙂

I wanted to say thanks to @EcoSteward for the nice tweet the other day.  She said:

Have been reading the blog posts of @greengrrrl – I think you’d enjoy them too.  Check them out at

I wasn’t sure if my posts mattered to anyone but myself and my Auntie Kathie (Hi Aunt Kak!).  So knowing that you are reading, watching, following… and caring, means a lot.  Thanks so much.  And thanks also to @EDay40, who retweeted @EcoSteward‘s message.

Okay, on to the photo of the day…

Today it rained, then snowed, then rained some more.  So the wee girlie took her umbrella out for the first time this year.  She was quite happy to be needing it.  And I, experienced something new…  rain on my face.  On my WHOLE face.  LOL  It actually felt really strange to have it hit my eye lashes and lids.  Not at all something I’m used to.  After 30 years of glasses, you really don’t know what it’s like to know the feeling of rain on your entire face…  It was pretty amazing.  😀  It was a good day.

Here’s Lily-Ann and her umbrella:

girl in the rain, holding a pink umbrella

Out in the Sleet

During the Roadmap Saskatoon Conference

Loved the composition here…  just the way a teacher happened to place her things while listening to a speaker, and loved the way the shadow is playing and interacting with said subject matter.  🙂

glasses, a pen, and a clipboard


It’s always nice to have a doctor in the family.

Here’s Lily-Ann in my glasses (popped out the lenses so she could have the frames) and my scrub cap (that I had to wear during surgery).  Lily-Ann is in love with all things doctor, all things faery, and all things princess.  🙂  So she was quite thrilled with the gifties.

Doctor Lily

Is there a doctor in the house?

too cute to be a doctor

Why yes! Doctor Lily will see you now.


Okay… this post is for yesterday.  I  had corrective eye surgery yesterday, and wasn’t allowed on the computer (or allowed to read or watch tv/dvds) for 24 hours.  I’m online now…  but think I’m going to have to get off the computer soon.  This is seriously hard on the brain eye connection.  Tiring me right out.

Anyway, I have to wear these crazy dark glasses.  Whenever I’m out anywhere people all assume I have impared vision (well, okay, they think I’m legally blind).  It’s kind of odd to see the reactions when they don’t think you can see them.  So, here’s me, yesterday…  in my ridiculous glasses.

Me, in my crazy dark glasses...  and yes, I wear my sunglasses at night.

Really goofy self portrait

And yes…  I even wear them at night.

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