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Good Night!

It has been a long and exhausting day, so I do hope you’ll all forgive me for such a short blog post.  I’m just online for a moment or two to wish you all well.  Hold your loved ones close, and tell them how deeply important they are in your life.  Give yourself the freedom to feel – deeply and fully – every day.  Be gentle with yourself and with others.

Night all!

Especially pretty…

I feel especially pretty tonight.  Pretty happy.  Pretty lucky.  Pretty special.  Pretty wonderful.  Not much else to say.  🙂  I have a hot hubby, an amazing daughter, and my life is full of music, laughter, and beauty.  Sure, things aren’t perfect (wouldn’t be real or worthwhile if it was)…  but I’m feeling especially pretty.  Pretty sitting here in my fuzzy pink robe that my two favourite people bought me for Yule.

It’s  a good night!


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