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Friendship is Magic and/or Mental Health

I was thinking about the title Friendship is Magic, and while it may not really be magic, it can grant you mental health – which is pretty darn close.  Friends keep you grounded, they kick you in the pants when needed, and provide support when no one else can.  A good friend is like having a mental health provider on your speed dial.  And that, my friends?  That really is magic!

I’ve been stressing out about this whole ear issue of mine (and if you could hear the voice in my head, you’d note I said issue in the very proper British form where you hear the S sound vs the American ishu which is why it appears in italics.  Because while I’m Canadian, and we SHOULD pronounce everything in the proper British way, American English has ended up rather prevalent.  So you KNOW I’m taking pains to bring attention to a word when I pronounce it – even in my head – properly).  I’ve been worrying about the possibility of long term effects, and whether or not I’ll be able to continue with some of my very favourite things.  My health has taken a lot from me over the years, and the idea that something else may be taken away is a whole lot to digest.  When I brought this up with her, she reminded me that while some of my symptoms may be explained by the Eustachian Tube Disorder (and therefore possibly scary and somewhat permanent) that the severity of these same symptoms could be related to other related problems that are just as likely temporary.  Which means while I’m taking a break from one particular favourite activity right now, that things may still get better and I may be able to get back in the saddle (as it were) before too terribly long.  Without a good friend in whom I could confide, I’d still be stressing myself into a tizzy.  I still have a twinge of worry, but I’m definitely feeling better.  Friendship is Magic when it comes to Mental Health!

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Oh!  See to hear the difference in pronunciation.  😉

Unexpected Common Ground

This evening I went to the home of a new client.  And when I walked in the door, and saw her granddaughter sitting up on a bar stool at the counter I recognized her immediately.  Of course, I couldn’t pin down WHY I recognized her… but I knew I did.  Turns out, she’s a junior handler!  How cool!

It’s always nice when you find you have an unexpected connection with a client.  There’s just this instant warming that happens, when you realize you have a mutual hobby or experience.  Generally people find themselves at ease with me pretty quickly.  I’m just one of those relaxed folks who likes those around her to feel relaxed too.  But it really is a treat when you’ve instantly got something – other than photography business – to talk about.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  LOL  I love talking photography…  but from time to time, it’s nice to have some other common ground.  🙂

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