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Blessed Be!

Wishing you all a Yule filled with love, hope, and wonder.  May the joy of the season remain with you through the darkest days of Winter and carry you through until the sun returns to warm the Earth.  Merry meet and blessed be!

Preparing for Yule!

The girl, her face all filled with light and wonder, as we prepare to decorate the tree.

Filled with Wonder!

I figure it’s about time that I shared a few pictures from December first, when we decorated our Yule tree.  It’s our first year with a big (six foot) tree.  I’ve posted before about our little half-a-tree that we normally hang on the wall.  Well, in our new house we actually have room for a regular sized tree – so when Grampa offered us his (he was switching to a table top sized one) we gratefully accepted!

Lily-Ann, all wrapped up in garlands, ready for Yule!

All wrapped up!

We really did love our little half-tree-thing…  but this?  Watching the girl’s face light up, getting to pick out and buy new ornaments, as well as hanging some that Grampa and Gramma Joan gifted us?  It was pretty amazing.  Lily-Ann had the most wonderful time and it did my heart some good to be a part of it all.

Kid Kid decorating our Yule Tree, our first year with a large tree!

Trimming the Tree!

After it was all decorated, I put out the bags for her Advent Calendar, and she dug through them looking for bag number one…  thus beginning a wonderful new Yule tradition in our wonderful new home.

ready to open bag number one from her advent calendar.

Advent, Day One!

With that, here’s wishing you all a Joy-filled Yule!  One packed full with wonderment and delight.  Take time to be childlike!

Dicken's Christmas quote about how good it is to experience life through a child's perspective.



Joyous Yule!

It’s been a long day…  and in spite of my spending half my day on the phone sorting out things in regards to our car accident yesterday, it ended up being a wonderful Yule.

  • I received a heartening phone call from a dear friend, Derrick.
  • I helped the kid prepare a delicious chicken dinner.
  • We opened presents (and were delightfully surprised, time and time again).
  • And then, before bed, we took a drive through the Enchanted Forest – one of Canada’s largest holiday light displays.

Now?  Now it’s time for bed.  🙂  I’m still super sore after the accident…  and well…  even though the day ended up being wonderful, it was long, and I’m tired.

So, let’s end today’s blog post with my wish for all of you:

As the sun is reborn, and we turn towards the growing light of a new year, let us remember and celebrate all the gifts of friendship and love we have received during this holiday season and throughout the year.  While things may seem dark, there is always light to be found in the hearts of those we love…  and it is THIS that we must remember.

I wish you joy, peace, health, and a wealth of happiness now, and always.

Joyous Yule!

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