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He loves me. :)

Every so often, in life (as in art), something happens that makes you feel valued.  I know I make a difference, and I know what I do is important…  but in our families, with our mates, sometimes we just get to the point where we just take love for granted.  And when something happens to make you stop and realize how deeply someone trusts you?  It’s a big deal.

I can’t share the details…  yet.  We are making some changes, and as much as I LONG to share, we’re keeping things somewhat private for the time being.  But I can share this:  My husband trusts me far more than I realized.  And that feels pretty darn good.  🙂

Happy Birthday Damon!

Sending out birthday wishes to my husband, the best looking guy in the province, on his 33rd birthday!

And while I have nothing but love for the man, and wish him nothing but good things…  I do have to send out a reminder as well.  For while I may be the older of the two of us, HE’S the only one with grey hair!  😉  Love you honey!  You and your salt n’ pepper locks.  😛

Blowing out the Candles


I want to brag, but I’ve been asked to refrain.

I really want to brag about something my husband did.  Something that made me proud in an enormous way.  But he asked me not to.  He doesn’t think acting like a human being is brag worthy…  but trust me, it is.

So many times, people don’t treat one another well.  So many people are treated as sub-par.  So many so, that it’s become more normal for it to happen than for it not to.  It shouldn’t be something worth bragging on – to treat folks with dignity and respect.  To treat them as equals.  But in this day and age, it really is.  Especially when you defend said people against remarks or injustices.

I can’t provide details.  But I had to say something.  Today, I’m so proud of my man…  Because to treat people as equals really is a big deal in a world where it’s not expected.  🙂

My Compucapable Husband

Ode to DH

A poem by TD Smith.

My man? He’s hot.

4 gigs of ram, he bought.

“Install it myself?  I’ll take a shot.”

“It won’t be easy”, others thought.

My man?  He’s unshakable.

It’s unmistakable,

He’s impressively capable.


If, at this point you’ve realized nothing else, you should be keenly aware that a poet I am not.  But hey!  I’ve got a smart husband, who is totally compucapable…  and that’s pretty hot.  Intelligence is sexy.

And yes, he again performed an upgrade on one of our computers (this one’s a four and a half year old iMac).  He’s given it new life, new pep, new vigor.  It was still doing pretty well for it’s age, but now it’s like a brand new machine again.

Thanks Damon.  Mwah!




After spending two weeks at my parents place while they were away on their first real couples vacation I spent last night in my own bed.  And while  the girlie tossed and turned, and rolled all over the place (from the foot of the bed, to my legs, to across my stomach, to the pillows, and back again) it was still absolutely glorious.  It was so fabulous to have my husband and my dogs next to me.

One thing to admit?  Our bed felt awfully small.

After having two weeks of a queen size bed with just the girlie and myself, suddenly having to share the same size with more made it seem a little snug.  I wouldn’t trade it though.  And it made me so grateful for our family bed.  Having my entire family snuggled tight together again just felt sooo right.  I missed it desperately.

So while I’m awfully tired, I’m also awfully happy.

…being tired means I’m not uploading a photo, nor am I sourcing one online too share tonight.  LOL  So you’ll all have to make do without one.

Good night!

At the Zoo…

So yesterday we went to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo.  We’re members of the Saskatoon Zoo Society, and love taking Lily-Ann to see all the ducks who call the park home for three seasons a year.  Another favorite of both the wee girlie’s and mine are the pygmy goats.  They are one animal, that when we live where they could be happy and well cared for, we would like to add to our family.  Anyway…

I always take a wealth of photos on our frequent visits to the park & zoo.  Here are a couple (that I may well attempt to merge in photoshop).

happy girlie riding on her daddy's shoulders

Happy Girl!

Happy Daddy carrying his wee girlie on his shoulders

Happy Daddy!

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